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    Found 13 results

    1. Release Date: September 12th 2019 Photographer: Daniel Jackson Photographed: date unknown In her final look for the pages of Allure's biggest issue of the year, Lady Gaga changes into a full look styled by Nicole Formichetti to look beyond powerful in one of her favorites - and one of my favorites - Alexander McQueen! First, wearing an incredible blazer style jacket as a dress, Lady Gaga wears the "Women's Rose Sleeve Jacket" from the brand new Autumn/Winter 2019 collection. The black tailored jacket in a lightweight wool and silk blend is finished with voluptuous rose-inspired sleeves, hand-draped in cocktail pink silk duchesse. It is freshly available for purchase now for $5,990 here. To finish her look, Lady Gaga wore shoes also from Alexander McQueen. They did not make it into the photos but are clearly visible in the behind-the-scenes video released by Allure. Previously posted on her Instagram Story (see left), the shoes are the "Women's Tread Platform Boot." The black shiny 100% calfskin leather lace-up heeled boot is embellished with punk metal hardware. The boot has a chunky platform heel with lace-up detailing and a buckle on the ankle. Finished with a back zip fastening they are sold for $1,290 here. To accessorize, Mother Monster started with a pair of silver square earrings from R.U.B.S. (Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Surprise). They have announced the earrings were theirs as well as Allure crediting them however a photo of the exact earrings has not been posted - that I can find. On her right hand she can be seen wearing a full finger armor ring from Lillian Shalom. The "Amadeus" ring is named after the 16th Century classical music composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and made of 925 Silver. Each piece is assembled by hand and available for purchase for $1,400 here but please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery. BONUS - Lady Gaga showcased another set of products from her debut beauty line HAUS LABORATORIES. Orders can be made now through HausLabs.com or Amazon and are shipping September 15th with single shades available for purchase starting September 17th! On her eyes, Lady Gaga's makeup artist Sarah Tanno created inverted eyeliner with a bold Glam Attack above the eyes to the eyebrow leaving the eyelid bare. Glam Attack is Haus Laboratories' signature all-over liquid to powder shimmer. Here LG wears the emerald with multi-colored pearl shade "Dynasty" sold in the Haus of Dynasty collection for $49 here. On her lips, she wore the RIP Lip Liner and Le Riot Lip Gloss from the Haus of Chained Ballerina collection. The RIP Lip Liner is the neutral peach shade "En Pointe" and the Le Riot Lip Gloss is the matching neutral peach shade "En Pointe." Get your hands on the collection for $49 here. Read her interview here and get your copy on newsstands now! By Terran Warden
    2. Release Date: September 12th 2019 Photographer: Daniel Jackson Photographed: date unknown Changing into another incredible look, Lady Gaga shines inside the pages of Allure's October Best of Beauty issue! Switching into darker makeup from her debut beauty line HAUS LABORATORIES, she also switched into an incredible dark feather look from On Aura Tout Vu. The French fashion house by André de Sà Pessoa, Livia Stoianova and Yassen Samouilov are known for their over-the-top art creations where every catwalk look is ready to hit the stage! Her amazing dress is a full length gown completed covered in black feathers that turn to red towards the end. It was shown as look 31 of the Haute Couture Spring/Summer "Alchimia" 2019 collection. The dress is then finished with some bold embroidery across the chest with gold and red. On Aura Tout Vu is unfortunately not available for purchase online (and likely costs thousands of dollars) but purchases can be made at their select showrooms or by contacting them here. To accessorize, Mother Monster added a pair of ruby earrings from Chopard. From the "Precious Lace" Timeless Collection, these earrings wrap around the ear - from front to back - in a swirl of pear-shaped rubies edged with diamond-studded white gold. These Precious earrings are also available with sapphires and emeralds, and entirely set with diamonds. Chopard is only sold in boutiques and select retailers - to find a store near you check their store locator here. Finally, Lady Gaga can be seen wearing nail-like rings from Rinaldy Yunardi who she also wore in the first Haus Laboratories campaign video. Yunardi did not post photos of the exact rings but has credited them to himself on Instagram and Facebook. BONUS - Lady Gaga continued to wear her own makeup line Haus Laboratories and we've got all the details on how Sarah Tanno created her look! First, on her eyes, they used three different shades of the Glam Attack - the signature all-over liquid to powder shimmer. In the corners, they used Glam Attack in yellow gold pearl "Legend" available in the Haus of Rockstar collection for $49 here. Styled like eyeliner, they then used Glam Attack in deep black with multi-colored pearl "Chained Ballerina." This shade is available in the Haus of Chained Ballerina collection for $49 here. And, to blend between the gold and the distinct "eyeliner," Sarah blended in the gunmetal with silver pearl shade "Biker," available in the Haus of Metalhead collection for $49 here. On the lips, they started with deep burgundy wine RIP Lip Liner shade "Slayer." The liner is longwearing, waterproof, and weightless without feathering which is why Lady Gaga has been saying she loves to wear it as a full lipstick. It is also available in the Haus of Rockstar collection for $49 here. Finally, added to her lips was the soft mauve with silver pearl Glam Attack "Rose B*tch" which gave her lips the metallic, multidimensional look for the photoshoot. It is available now in the Haus of Rose B*tch collection for $49 here. If you're looking to buy just a single product and not the collection, single shades off all 24 pieces go on sale on HAUSLABS.com September 17th! Read her interview here and get your copy on newsstands now! By Terran Warden
    3. Release Date: September 12th 2019 Photographer: Daniel Jackson Photographed: date unknown With the release of her debut beauty line, HAUS LABORATORIES, Lady Gaga is on the cover of Allure's Best of Beauty issue for October 2019! Photographed by Daniel Jackson, Lady Gaga stuns throughout the pages of the magazine in several amazing looks - all showcasing her makeup products! And thankfully Allure has credited every look, styled by Nicola Formichetti! On the cover, Lady Gaga poses with killer braids by Frederic Aspiras in a stunning gold mesh headwrap as a dress. It can just barely be seen in the cover photo but can be seen clearly in the behind-the-scenes video released by Allure. The headwrap is from self-taught London designer Julia Clancey known for her luxury and timeless glamour. The "Slinky Gold Headwrap" is available for $450 here. She then added an incredible structured skirt across her shoulder that can be seen in other shots from the cover look. The skirt is from celebrity favorite Laurel Dewitt who describes herself as "the Queen of Chain & Metal" who built her brand by reimagining the distinction between clothing and accessories. Shown as the very first look when Googling the collection, the sculpted skirt is made of gold and crystals from the Fall 2018 "The Queen" collection. Unfortunately, it does not appear to be available for purchase however purchases can be made by contacting the designer here. Lady Gaga was later photographed close up with a pair of earrings added to her look. Her earrings are from Erickson Beamon, a jewelry brand created by Karen Erickson and Eric Beamon of Detroit, who she has worn throughout her career in interviews, music videos, and candid outings (see left). Allure credited the earrings to Erickson Beamon but let me tell you.. finding a photo of the exact pair was a hunt! However, I eventually tracked down a photoshoot for Hot-Blanc Magazine that fully showcases the earrings - along with many other pairs. The oversized beauties combine gold hardware and crystals in an angular flower motif. They are not available for purchase online - in fact it appears they do not even have a website! Some designs are available for purchase through outside retailers like The Real Real and Bergdorf Goodman but they also have a New York showroom. Also in the behind-the-scenes video, LG can be seen draping in jewels that didn't quite make it into the photos. Allure did not credit them and they are hard to distinguish from the video so I am still working on tracking down the exact pieces. If you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore! BONUS - Lady Gaga beams with pride in her very own makeup collection for the Best of Beauty issue. On her eyes, I believe she wears the Glam Attack, all over liquid shimmer, in champagne with multi-colored peal "Aphrodite," available in the Haus of Goddess collection for $49 here. On her lips, she wears RIP Lip Liner in the neutral peach shade "En Pointe" available only in the Haus of Chained Ballerina collection for $49 here. She then layers on Le Riot Lip Gloss in "Entranced," a sheer gloss with light pink pearl, available in the Haus of Rose B*tch collection for $49 here. Allure also revealed some of the tools Sarah Tanno had with her for the show including large bucket containing ice, a ReFa face roller, and a couple of under-eye patches, all for optimum depuffing. Tanno also had a spacey Yusong facial massager on hand, which has a heat setting that’s designed to accelerate serum penetration in addition to improving circulation. Read her interview here and get your copy on newsstands now! By Terran Warden
    4. Terran

      Instagram Update

      Date: August 23rd 2019 Location: unknown Updating her Instagram after quite awhile without any activity, Lady Gaga posted a new selfie captioned "Franch toast" in a bold pair of earrings and makeup from her own beauty line HAUS LABORATORIES. She can also be seen wearing a strapless black top but so little is shown I cannot tell if it is a shirt or a dress. Her earrings are her first time, that we know of, wearing Sterling King! Sterling King is a New York-based brand of contemporary and fine jewelry that combines sculpture with signature textures to create street-ready statement pieces. All Sterling King jewelry is hand-crafted and produced in New York City using the ancient tradition of lost wax casting. Check out their Instagram post about Mother Monster on the left! Her pair are the "Fold Earrings" in sterling silver with high-polished mirror finish. They are purposely mismatched with the left ear as a two-piece dangling earring and the right ear being a stud and they are molded by hand! They are available for $350 here. As for her makeup, Lady Gaga is wearing the complete HAUS of Dynasty collection from her debut beauty line, HAUS LABORATORIES! Each collection features a Glam Attack (all over liquid-to-powder shimmer), RIP Lip Liner, and Le Riot Lip Gloss. On Lady Gaga and available as a collection is the "Dynasty" Glam Attack, an emerald with multi-color pearl, the "Rule" RIP Lip Liner, a spiced terracotta, and the "Attitude" Le Riot Lip Gloss, a terracotta with golden pearl. The HAUS of Dynasty collection is available for preorder for only $49 here! Orders are set begin shipping on September 15th! By Terran Warden
    5. Release Date: July 9th 2019 Filmed by: Daniel Sannwald Styled by: Nicola Formichetti Changing into one more outfit for the first look at Lady Gaga's debut beauty collection, Lady Gaga changed into a simple black dress but was accessorized to be extraordinary by Lady Gaga and Nicola Formichetti. Going back to one of her favorite basics, Lady Gaga wore Wolford's "Fatal" dress, we've seen her wear this several times before and in several colors but mainly in black as it is here. The strapless, tube dress is a celebrity favorite that can be transformed from a maxi dress to a ruched tube dress to a pencil skirt length! Made of buttery jersey (nylon and spandex mix) it is available in numerous colors through Wolford but the black is no longer available through Wolford. It is still available for the original retail price of $215 through outside retailers like Neiman Marcus here. To accessorize, she added the "Oversized O-Ring Choker" from Zana Bayne. Founded in 2010, Lady Gaga has worn Zana Bayne many times before. The New York and Los Angeles based brand began with a unique high-end take on S&M/punk-inspired aesthetics and harnesses but has since expanded into a full line of handbags and collections of elegant leather clothes and shoes for both women and men. From the September 2014 "Ornamentalist" collection, the 2 inch tall choker is made of black leather and finished with a dramatic 2.5 inch wide O-ring in silver. It is available for purchase, also available with gold hardware, for $150 here. Unfortunately, Lady Gaga's shoes or any other accessories are never seen. Watch the first campaign teaser for HAUS LABORATORIES and preorder your products now on HausLabs.com! Stay tuned - we've got the details on every single look from every model in the campaign coming soon! By Terran Warden
    6. Terran

      At AOC Restuarant

      Date: July 17th 2019 Location: AOC Restaurant (Los Angeles, California) To celebrate an incredible launch of her debut beauty line, HAUS LABORATORIES, Lady Gaga and the Haus Labs team held a party at AOC Restaurant in Los Angeles. LG updated her social media ahead of the party that gave us a great look at her makeup and jewelry. And paparazzi was at the restaurant which gave us a great look at her outfit! Lady Gaga wore a vegan leather dress from ANOUKI that was the talk of the town! Vogue even did an article just about the gorgeous dress! From the Ready-to-Wear Tsilsi Fall 2019 collection, she wears look 11 which is a calf-length black vegan leather column dress finished with a sweetheart neckline and crystal straps. On the runway, the straps were across the body whereas Mother Monster styled her dress to have the crystal straps only on her right side. Unfortunately, ANOUKI does not have an online store (or even their own website). Purchases can only be made by contacting [email protected] via email. Instead of carrying a purse, she carried a black feather coat which I believe may be the same feather coat worn in the Hauss of Metalhead campaign photos for HAUS LABORATORIES. Thankfully, PageSix confirmed the coat to be from Oscar de la Renta's Spring 2019 collection. Made in the USA with fox fur from South Africa, the coat is constructed from strips of black-dyed shadow fox and feather swirl embroidery placed on tulle - a process that takes over 500 hours to complete! Because of the time (and being from Oscar de la Renta), it cost a whopping $16,500! However, it is now up for sale for only $6,600 here... Completing her outfit, LG wore her signature sky-high Pleaser boots in the matte faux leather version. Featuring an over 6 inch platform and 10 inch heel, these front lace-up boots are available for only $118.95 here and also come in black and white vinyl. To accessorize, she started with asymmetric earrings. On the right side she wore a diamond stud. On the left she wore the "Recif" earring from French accessories designer Helene Zubeldia. Measuring 18 centimeters in length, the dangling earrings (mimicking the crystal straps of her dress) are made of ruthenium plated brass. They are available for 200 euros here. On her wrist, as reported by PageSix, Lady Gaga styled a new choker from Rodrigo Otazu as a bracelet. Lady Gaga has worn Otazu previously including with her iconic 2010 meat dress! Before the party, she wore the choker as intended around her neck (see left). The piece is part of the new Mr. O Atelier collection, coming soon! On her right hand, she once again wore a custom "HAUS OF GAGA" ring from BARE Fine Jewelry by Dries. The ring is their square, reversible "SIGNET" ring, handcrafted in Anterp from 18-karat Pink Gold. The top and sides are bedecked with an array of brown diamonds while the other side is engraved with the Haus of Gaga logo. This is her first time wearing BARE and they are promoting it hard - check out their video showing how her ring reverses! It was first spotted at World Pride in New York City. Inquiries and custom designs can be purchased by contacting [email protected]! BONUS: Promoting her debut beauty brand, Lady Gaga updated her Instagram Story while getting ready for the party showing details of her look for the night - that is available to purchase now! On her eyes, she wore a dramatic cut crease using HAUS LABORATORIES "Glam Attack" - the liquid shimmer powder that is highly pigmented and can be used for all-over color. The liquid-to-powder formula is flake-proof, smear-proof, and transfer-proof and is easily layered and blended as Sarah Tanno, her makeup artist, did for this look. The shade she wore here is the deep black with multi-color pearl "Chained Ballerina" from the Haus of Chained Ballerina collection, available for preorder for $49 here or in the "Downtown Punk" limited-time duo, available for preorder for $36 here. On her lips, her and Sarah started with HAUS LABORATORIES "RIP Lip Liner" - the creamy, demi-matte highly pigmented lip pencils. The weightless, waterproof, longwearing formula is housed in a sharpenable pencil and can be used as a precise barrier or overall color with a lipstick-like finish. The shade she wore here is the deep burgundy wine "Slayer" from the Haus of Rockstar collection, available for preorder for $49 here or in the "Slay Me" limited-time duo, available for $36 here. Then over her lips, she applied HAUS LABORATORIES "Le Riot Lip Gloss" - the ultra high-shine, multidimensional lip gloss. There is a spectrum of finishes available including shine, shimmer, pearl, and pure pigment. Going with pearl finish, the shade she wore here is the sheer with light pink pearl "Entranced" from the Haus of Rose B*tch collection, available for preorder for $49 here or in the "Hypocrite" limited-time duo, available for $36 here. Check out dozens of UHQ photos in our gallery here! By Terran Warden
    7. Release Date: July 9th 2019 Filmed by: Daniel Sannwald Styled by: Nicola Formichetti Lady Gaga's next look in the first campaign teaser features slicked back hair to showcase her makeup but is so incredible, it has become the main promotional photo for HUS LABORATORIES - featured all over Amazon during the Prime Day launch! The photo is from the neck up and begins with an incredible pair of earrings from Rinaldy Yundari who she has worn previously - most notably for her Jazz and Piano residency in Las Vegas. The diamond pave earrings feature interlocking hoops that drop down between two and three inches. Yundari took to both his Instagram and his label's to announce the earrings were his design as well as Yundari's PR company however, the earrings are not photographed on his social media or website. Next, she wears a beautiful neckpiece from Lory Sun Artistry, who she wore a headpiece from in the first look of the campaign. This self-taught, Romanian designer is known for her Avant Garde headpieces and corsets and this neckpiece sure is as well! The neckpiece is made of shining chrome and finished with an outline of intricate floral borders. It is featured on Lory Sun's website with matching nipple pasties and a couture corset but LG opted for just the neck. It is not available for purchase but inquires can be made by emailing [email protected] In the full length behind-the-scenes video, released when presale began, the full outfit can finally be seen! While it is not photographed, she wears look 15 from French fashion house On Aura Tout Vu's Spring 2018 collection. The deep V-neck dress is made with long sleeves and a simple skirt with black silk however, it is uniquely finished with extremely structured shoulders. To me, the structures resemble futuristic butterfly wings. Unfortunately, this celebrity favorite company does not have an online store. Purchases can only be made by visiting showrooms or by calling the showroom. A full list of locations and phone numbers can be found here. Watch the first campaign teaser for HAUS LABORATORIES and preorder your products now on HausLabs.com! Stay tuned - we've got the details on every single look from every model in the campaign coming soon! By Terran Warden
    8. Date: June 23rd 2019 Location: Apollo Theater (New York City, New York) Before hitting the stage at Apollo Theater for Sirius XM and Pandora, Lady Gaga was spotted attending rehearsal at the theater. Bringing back Born This Way vibes, Mother Monster rocked a leather jacket with a big blonde ponytail for an amazing New York City look! From top to bottom, she started with a pair of killer sunglasses from Karen Walker. Walker is a New Zealand designer that LG has worn many times. This new pair is an angular approach to a classic shape called the "Blessed Black." It is made with matte black acetate, completed with smoke mono lenses but they can be fitted with prescription lenses. They are available for only $189.65 here! Then on her ears, Lady Gaga paired two different sets for one asymmetric look from Justine Clenquet. On her left ear she wears the new "Neve" and on her right ear she wears the new "Riley". They are both from the Fall/Winter 2019 "Final Girl" collection which will be available for purchase online through Cenquet in early July. The Neve is made of interlocking hoops and a Swarovski Crucifix in palladium dipped brass and is sold now in a pair through outside retailer Nolmau for $119 here while the Riley is a small hoop earring with a long hanging chain sold as a single earring. It is available for preorder now through outside retailer Item LookBook for only $90 here. Next, Lady Gaga brought back her studded Saint Laurent jacket. She has worn this several times before, mainly while on her Joanne World Tour in 2017. From the Men's Spring 2016 collection, the "Classic Studded Motorcycle Jacket In Black Leather And Silver-Toned Metal" featured YSL's classic 3 zip pockets, snap closure flap pocket, waistband with belt loops and zip cuffs but decorated with studs throughout. The jacket was last seen for sale for $5,990 but is no longer available as it is now an archival piece. Beneath her jacket she wore a mesh V-neck sports style bra that I am still working on tracking down. If you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore! For her pants, Lady Gaga rocked a pair of high waisted lululemon leggings. Wearing the gray shade "Melonite," these lightweight, high-rise "Align Pant 28" leggings minimize distractions and maximize comfort with buttery-soft and sweat-wicking Nulu™ fabric. They are finished with a comfortable waistband that lies flat against your skin - not digging in - and has a small pocket on the waistband to hold valuables. They are available in a wide variety of colors for $98 here. And finally, Lady Gaga once again wore her Saint Laurent "Curtis" ankle boots which are a Western-inspired boot with a harness detail. Made of black leather and silver tone hardware, they're finished with a slightly elevated heel. Unfortunately they are no longer available. Check out HQ photos of Lady Gaga outside Apollo Theater in our gallery and check out our summary of the show! By Terran Warden
    9. Date: June 28th 2019 Location: New York City, New York Celebrating 50 years of LGBTQ+ liberation that started at The Stonewall Inn, New York City hosted World Pride 2019 and brought Lady Gaga to the stage to commemorate the celebration and inspire everyone to continue being themselves and continue fighting for equality for all. For the special day, Lady Gaga wore a full custom look from Versace with a large collection of amazing accessories! Starting with her main outfit, she wore a black beret finished with rainbow trim and a black based, gold Medusa head Versace pin. Lady Gaga then wore a custom rainbow printed, cropped denim jacket from her friend Donatella Versace who attended the event with her. The jacket features "VERSACE" printed down the right arm and covered in silver Swarovski crystals. The jacket is trimmed with white and black checkerboard fabric decorated with rainbow Swarovski crystals and finished with two chest pockets and gold Medusa buttons. Beneath the jacket, she wore a black bralette with what appeared to be a sweetheart neckline, indenting into her cleavage. She then wore a custom pair of denim shorts also from Donatella Versace - but true to Pride, they were finished with rainbow beaded fringe and hot pink lined front pockets! And finally, she wore custom thigh-high Versace boots. Fully covered in matching Swarovski crystals, her boots were made of rainbows starting with red at the thighs and purple at the toes - proving that every year her Pride looks get better and better! While her outfit was custom, and thus not for purchase, most of her accessories are! First, she brought back her Polaroid Eyewear round sunglasses. They are specifically the "PLD 2053/S" and are available in several variations. Her pair are the yellow gold frames and black lens combination, available for only 55 euros here. Next, in her hair, Lady Gaga can be seen wearing Versace hair pins on both sides of her long ponytail (see left). The pins are the "Medusa Tribute Hair Clips" from the Spring/Summer 2018 tribute collection. They are slide on clips with four Medusa heads in gold and are available in both directions, for both sides of the head. They were sold for $250 each but are currently out of stock online. Next, she wore a pair of Versace earrings, matching her hair clips from the same Spring/Summer 2018 tribute collection. She wears the "Tribute Medusa Stud Earrings" sold for $300 here. Around her neck, Lady Gaga layered gold necklaces from Versace of course! The first being the "Medusa Medallion Gilded Necklace" also from the recent tribute collection. Made with layered gold Medusa heads and a clasp closure, it was sold for $1,225 but is now sold out online. Her second necklace appears to have Versace Medusas dangling like charms on a gold chain that I have not been able to track down anywhere, so it may be from a vintage, archival collection. Finally, Lady Gaga finished her look with a black manicure and some killer rings! On her left hand, she added some more Versace with the new gold tone "Love Medusa Ring." It is available in several different ring sizes for $275 here. On her right hand, she wore a custom "HAUS OF GAGA" ring from BARE Fine Jewelry by Dries. The ring is their square, reversible "SIGNET" ring, handcrafted in Anterp from 18-karat Pink Gold. The top and sides are bedecked with an array of brown diamonds while the other side is engraved with the Haus of Gaga logo. This is her first time wearing BARE and they are promoting it hard - check out their video showing how her ring reverses! Inquiries and custom designs can be purchased by contacting [email protected]! Check out Lady Gaga's full speech at World Pride 2019 and check out our gallery for a wide range of HQ photos from the day! By Terran Warden
    10. Terran

      Instagram Update

      Date: May 4th 2019 Location: New York City, New York After landing in New York City for the 2019 MET Gala, Lady Gaga changed looks as she got "Back In The New York Groove." Rocking a vintage t-shirt and killer leather accessories, Lady Gaga went out on the town before preparing for the biggest fashion event of the year. From top to bottom, she started with sleek, oval shaped sunglasses from Karen Walker. She last wore these same shades when she was in the Big Apple last summer. These chunky, black acetate frames are known as the "Castaway" from the "Mischief" collection and can be fitted with prescription lenses! They are still available for purchase for $187.33 here. Next, Lady Gaga added earrings for her night out. They are a pair of dangling crystal fringe "B" earrings from Brandon Maxwell's collaboration with Kenneth Jay Lane for his Fall/Winter 2019 collection and can be seen in a video on his Instagram however, I cannot find photos of them or anywhere they are sold. A similar design with the "B" laying horizontally is however available for purchase. Next, Lady Gaga wore her vintage Ramones t-shirt that she wore back last March. MadeWorn was founded by Brian Halvorson in 2013 and is known for their rocko-n-roll concert tees among other designs. Her shirt is their Ramones concert tee in distressed, 100% yellow cotton. Unforunately, the design is no longer available for purchase. But several other Ramones t-shirts are still sold through MadeWorn. Over her tee, Lady Gaga rocked a new Celine leather jacket. By Hedi Slimane, the new creative director of Celine, formerly of Saint Laurent, the jacket is the "Cropped 'Blouson' In Drummed Lambskin With Bottom Smocking." The short “new wave” jacket is finished with a lapel collar, hidden snap buttons and zip fastening. It is available for purchase for a whopping $4,150 here. Next, she wore a pair of skinny, black jeans, with oversized holes along the knees. She has worn similar black jeans with holes along the knees before but not this exact pair. I've searched through her go-to denim brands (Levi's, Hudson, etc.) and have not found them so if you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore! Finally, to finish her outfit she wore a new pair of shoes which she declared she is #ObsessedWithMyCelineBoots. The Celine boots are the "Berlin" in shiny calfskin. The 3.1 inch heeled ankle boots have a slightly inclined shape with a frontal metallic zip and adjustable buckle straps. They are also sold through Celine, for $1,350 here. To further accessorize, a watch could be just slightly seen beneath the arm of her leather jacket but when she went out paparazzi caught the watch on full display, see left! From Tudor Watch which she does advertisements for in their Born To Dare campaign, Lady Gaga appears to be wearing either their "Heritage Advisor" model or their "Glamour Date + Day" model. None of the photos are clear enough for me to confidently decide which model of Tudor Watch she is wearing. Whether it is the "Heritage Advisor" or the "Glamour Date + Day," it is clear it is on a black strap with silver hardware. No outfit is complete without a handbag. And again today, Lady Gaga carried with her the Celine "Medium 16 Bag." Back in summer 2018, Lady Gaga was the first person in the world to debut the new design and thus her bag is custom monogrammed with "LG" in gold to match the gold hardware of the bag. The 16 Bag was designed by Slimane on his first day of arrival at Celine and is available in three different sizes. Made of 100% satinated black calfskin leather with a matching top handle, a removable shoulder strap, and an outer flat pocket under the flap, the bag is finished with a twist lock closure and a Celine padlock on a leather key cover. It is finally available for purchase, in several different leather colors, starting at $4,550 here. By Terran Warden
    11. Date: May 24th 2019 Location: Line204 Studio (Los Angeles, California) After being spotted leaving a video shoot a few days before, Lady Gaga was sighted once again arriving at a studio. But this time she had her own crew filming her arrival... could there be another documentary in the works? For her second day filming, that we know of, Lady Gaga returned to her classic t-shirt, shorts, and ankle boots look we've gotten familiar with during the Joanne era. And here's the details of her look: From top to bottom, LG started with a pair of black glasses. Unforuntately, I never got a good view of them from the front to identify them but they look similar to the pair she wore to Brandon Maxwell's NYFW show in 2016. If you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore! I can identify however that she wore a new pair of Alan Crocetti earrings. Alan Crocetti is a London based jewelry house that she has worn previously like in her Coachella opening interlude film while an octopus leg hung out her mouth. This time she wore a set from the "Anarchy" collection that combines a hoop earring and an ear cuff that she wore right next to each other to mimic double ear piercings. Check out their Instagram Story announcing it was their design on the left! Made with 100% sterling silver, they are no longer sold through Alan Crocetti's online shop but they are available through many outside retailers like L'insane which sells a pair (1 for a pierced ear, 1 for an unpierced ear) for 517 euros here. Next, Lady Gaga wore a black t-shirt with the "HAUS LABORATORIES" logo spelled across in white text. This is not yet available for purchase but is suspected to be sold at the Haus of Gaga store in Las Vegas, opening May 30th. So keep an eye out for an update on this post to buy it. Her shirt was altered to have the sleeves cuffed and held up with safety pins like her final outfit at ENIGMA. I have also not yet identified her shorts but they appear to be made of black leather or a liquid lame fabric. They are finished with a harness-like strap on the back which should have made them easy to track down but I haven't come across them. Again, if you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore! Next up, she rocked her favorite fishnet stockings - with a large hole beneath her right butt cheek. They are the micro-net "Twenties Tights" from Wolford, available (without her stylish rips) for $53 here. Also available in nude shades "honey" and "gobi." And to complete her look, Lady Gaga once again wore her custom Giuseppe Zanotti ankle boots. The custom design is an ankle boot with front lacing and a square toe platform. They first appeared in May 2018 and she now has a pair in black, white, and silver that she wore to a bunch of her awards shows this awards season. No outfit is complete without a killer bag and this time, Mother Monster debuted a brand new one! Rather than being a bag though, Lady Gaga is actually carrying a camera in a jacket case. The bag was distinguishable by the white "SONY" text across the shoulder strap. And if you zoom into the photos, you can see the Sony camera inside the black leather! There are not many Sony camera bags available that lay at the hip like a purse so it was easy to find on their website. There is also only one version with the white text, so hers is the "LCJ-RXF Jacket For Cyber-shot™ RX100 Series." It is sold for $84.99 and you can chose the retailer of your choice through Sony here! By Terran Warden
    12. Date: May 6th 2019 Location: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York City, New York) After months away from the spotlight following A Star Is Born awards season, Lady Gaga returned to the red (well, pink) carpet as the first arrival at the event and fed the children! We've been starving for a showstopping look and we were not just starstruck - we were starSHOOK! Taking over 15 minutes to walk the carpet, entirely alone as the first arrival of the night, Lady Gaga changed into not two, not three, but FOUR different custom looks from longtime collaborator and close friend Brandon Maxwell for quite possibly my favorite appearance of all time! Mother Monster began draped in an incredible, oversized custom hot pink opera coat made of satin silk. The coat was completed with a 25 foot train that was carried by accompanying dancers and sprung into the air for a performance art moment. The coat was finished with clasp buttons and a full zipper along the front that would later be used to reveal the next look. To accessorize, LG's head was draped in a huge matching bow that wrapped around her entire head. She would also later untie the bow to change her look completely. Beneath her incredible coat, Brandon Maxwell unzipped her to reveal a black strapless ball gown. Putting a unique spin on a classic look, the satin ball gown had an angular asymmetric bustier with slight paneling to accentuate her curves. The dress was finished with incredibly oversized hips that doubled as a petticoat beneath her pink coat and held it up for a volumized shape. But in true Gaga fashion, Brandon removed one of the hips, leaving her with an asymmetric silhouette! Removing the coat also revealed Lady Gaga's beautiful necklace for the night. Once again, LG got to premiere a new piece from Tiffany and Co's 2019 Blue Book collection. The necklace is made with ethically sourced princess-cut diamonds of over 28 total carats in a graphic, geometric choker and finished with a soft, silk-like butterfly center with wings in motion made of textured 18k yellow gold. On the red carpet, she kept the necklace rotated without the butterfly and later turned it around inside the Gala to have the butterfly on display. Check out this behind-the-scenes sketch of the necklaces design from Tiffany and Co. on the left. She also added a black umbrella matching those her dancers carried while holding up her train and playfully danced around the stairs of the entrance as if an ode to Singing in the Rain. Truly the camp queen, Lady Gaga was not done changing outfits! Brandon assisted her once again in removing her ball gown to reveal a third look! Returning back to the hot pink satin of the beginning opera coat, Lady Gaga wore a floor-length column dress with thin "spaghetti" straps. The dress was expertly tailored to sit right along the floor and with this look, she brought on the accessories! First, she added a giant brick style phone that is not actually a phone - it's a clutch! From the iconic designer Judith Leiber, Lady Gaga carried Leiber's "Black Telephone" that she opened up to reapply her lip-gloss (keep reading for the link to buy the exact gloss!) Leiber's label began in 1963 and is synonymous with novelty purses and fully crystalized creations. She then walked around the entrance kinda busy on her clutch phone. Versions of the "Call Me Brick Phone" clutches in silver and gold Swarvoski crystals are both sold for $5,695 but the all black version LG carried is not sold online. One of Lady Gaga's dancers then helped her put on a pair of beautiful sunglasses for a full Barbie fantasy! The ultra oversized sunnies are from UK-based Linda Farrow's collaboration with N°21 that follows the motifs of feminine oversized sunglasses revisited in a contemporary way through innovative use of acetate and unexpected detail. Lady Gaga's frames are the "S21 C1" with super chunky, high shine Italian acetate and adorned with Swarovski crystals, finished with the logo along the arm of the frames. They are available in black, as well as tortoiseshell and gradient, for 225 euros here. Finally, Lady Gaga unveiled her final look for the red carpet stripping down to nearly nothing, but finally exposed her incredible shoes! Created by Brandon Maxwell, Lady Gaga went back to basics in a fully crystalized black bra and black panty with black Swarvoski crystals along with matching crystalized black fishnet stockings. On her feet, she a customized version her favorite sky-high stripper boots in matching black Swarvoski crystals. The regular Pleaser "Beyond 1020" lace boots are available in matte and patent leather starting at $118 on Amazon here and are completed with a 10 inch heel and over 6 inch platform! They were customized by little monster "HausOfGee" who has recently created Swarvoski designs for Ariana Grande, Bretman Rock, and more! Thankfully he posted close-ups of the custom shoes on Instagram - check them out on the left! Towards the end of her entrance, Lady Gaga's team wheeled over a custom wagon made by longtime collaborator and set designer Marla Weinhoff full of accessories. The wagon was made in matching hot pink with gold wheels and gold "Haus of Gaga" lettering. From the wagon, she added numerous Tiffany and Co rings to many of her fingers! First she wore a 15 carat Tiffany True Ring in platinum with a diamond that's worth $1,165,000. She also wore a 6 carat pink sapphire and diamond ring (priced at $100,000), a 5 carat purple sapphire ring (priced at $70,000), a 5 carat pink spinel ring (priced at $29,000) and a 13 carat ring in platinum with rubellite and diamonds (priced at $38,000). All in all, her rings add up to just about $1,750,000. That price does not include her yellow gold butterfly necklace. On the wagon we can also see bags from Brandon Maxwell alongside the ring box, hair spray, sunglasses, etc. that she used in the performance art that was her entrance. In the front there are 3 of "The Champagne Bag" made in the USA of acrylic with brass hardware including the handle and a custom “B” turn-lock closure. The bag is out of stock now but was sold for $1,895 each. She also had 2 of "The Hat Box" which is made of the same acrylic with brass hardware and was filled with pink hats (similar to her Joanne era). The bag is available for preorder for $2,495 here. All orders will be shipped within 8 weeks of order confirmation. Neither bag includes the scarf in the photos or inside contents. Big thanks to Lady Gaga's stylists Tom Eerebout and Sandra Amador for helping pin down the fine details of all of her looks and thank you to the entire Haus of Gaga that helped make the MET Gala happen - us monsters are so grateful and amazed by your work! BONUS: Lady Gaga's glam squad created an amazing look and revealed all the details so keep reading for the links to buy all the products! Her longtime makeup artist Sarah Tanno painted her for the event, and got to walk the carpet with her in part of her performance art entrance. As a Global Artistry Ambassador for Marc Jacobs Beauty, Sarah used entirely Marc Jacobs Beauty products, except for the incredible synthetic eyelashes. Prepping the skin is always the most important step in any makeup no matter how clean or how intense so Sarah started with the first ever Marc Jacobs Beauty skincare product, "Youthquake" Skin Moisturizer ($59). It is a multitasking moisturizer, with powerful pineapple enzymes and encapsulated sodium hyaluronate, that provides deep hydration for a glowing, makeup-ready canvas .Sarah adds "it's the perfect start to add hydration and plump the skin before makeup." Instead of foundation, Sarah used entirely "Accomplice" Concealer and Touch-Up Sticks ($32) which is sold in 17 different shades, however the exact shades used on Lady Gaga were not revealed. She then set her face by topping the skin with the "Accomplice" Instant Blurring Beauty Powder ($49). This soft focus powder creates a natural glow and comes with a built-in brush. Keeping the skin balanced and beautiful, Sarah made the focus on her intense eye makeup. In the waterline she used the "Highliner" Gel Eye Crayon ($25) in the shade Pink of Me to exaggerate the eyes. She then defined and lined the eyes with the same eyeliner but in the shade Blaquer. Finishing up, she went over the black eyeliner with "Magic Marc'er" Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner ($30) also in the shade Blaquer. Before applying her statement lashes, Sarah coated Mother Monster's in the Haus of Gaga's favorite "Velvet Noir" Major Volume Mascara ($26). It is also sold in a travel size for the on-the-go girl! The metallic gold lashes were handmade by Nicky Andrea for Sarah and Lady Gaga and are not available for purchase. On her lips, they used the 16 hour luxe longwear "Le Marc" Liquid Lip Crayon ($32) in the shade Flaming-Oh! to perfectly match the pink silk satin of her beginning opera coat and column dress. They then topped the lips with Enamored Hydrating Lip Gloss Stick in Sweet Escape! which she reapplied on the pink carpet during her third look. BONUS: Lady Gaga's hair artist, who she has worked with since 2008(!!), Frederic Aspiras created the perfect look for all 4 of her outfits. Inspired by one of herost iconic hair styles that truly stands out as a note of camp-style, Frederic decided to deconstruct her iconic blonde bob and hair bows with a new rippled wave shape and multiple mini hair bows. As an Artist Ambassador for Joico and Good Hair Day (ghd), Freddy used entirely their products to create and style this MET Gala look. Now how to get the look yourself: Start by applying Joico Defy Damage Protective Shield ($20.99) to damp hair and comb through for even distribution and protection. Then use Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Tone Violet Smoothing Foam ($21.99), starting at the roots and combing through. Next, blow dry the hair with ghd's Air Hair Dryer ($199) and the small Natural Bristle Radial Brush ($40) with a 1.1 inch barrel. Then, using the ghd Platinum+ Styler ($249) create the very defined unifromed waves all around hair. And curl under to get that rippled bubble effect. To make the mini hairbows, use Joico Joi Gel Firm ($14.99) and pin them in place along the crown of the head with bobby pins. Step by step guides to making hair bows (with hair or with fabric) can be found online. To finish, comb out the bob and make smooth with two pumps of Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil ($22.99). Then spray with Joico Shape and Flip Turn Finishing Spray ($16.99) to mold and to hold in place. BONUS: Lady Gaga finished her look with some beautiful red nails. Her manicures are most recently done by Miho Okawara in Los Angeles but this time they were painted in New York City by Japanese nail artist Naomi Yasuda. You may remember Naomi from the "Poker Face" music video and the sets sold at Gaga's Workshop, at Barney's New York back in 2012. A red manicure matches any outfit and in this case it needed to match 4 different looks - so LG and Naomi went with "Big Apple Red" by O·P·I. This bright, shiny red nail polish, is ready to take on the world and is available for $10.50 here! By Terran Warden
    13. Terran

      Instagram Update

      Date: May 5th 2019 Location: Pierre Hotel (New York City, New York) Ahead of Monday's MET Gala, or it's official name the Costume Institute Benefit, Lady Gaga headed to the Pre-Gala dinner in New York City. But before she arrived, she slayed us all with the fashion comeback we've been waiting for! And in theme with the MET Gala, she served camp fashion! Lady Gaga updated her Instagram with some amazing photos and was later spotted by fans and paparazzi outside the hotel (when she left and when she later arrived back to the hotel). Her main look is another beautiful creation by Marc Jacobs. Shown as look 34 in the Fall 2019 Ready-to-Wear collection, the look is an oversized organza dress made of black and white stripes finished high on the thigh and complete with black and white feathers along the left shoulder - almost like a ponytail laying over the shoulder. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the dress available for purchase through Marc Jacobs or any other online retailers. She finished her look with quite possibly my favorite shoes of all time; Pleaser's "Beyond 1020" lace ankle boots! These iconic matte black leather boots are made with an over 6 inch platform and 10 inch heel. They are available for purchase through Amazon starting at $118 (depending on size and finish) here. To accessorize, Mother Monster started with a custom black organza fascinator from famed hat-designer Philip Treacy. Treacy has become the world's most in demand hat designer. His hats are as popular with European aristocrats as with Hollywood royalty and he is widely credited for changing the perception of what a hat can be. Her fascinator is custom but a similar design can be seen in Treacy's latest Spring/Summer 2019 collection, see left. Next, Lady Gaga wears dangling diamond earrings from Tiffany and Co. They are made with a diamond stud and finished with pear-shaped/teardrop diamonds but are not available for purchase on Tiffany's webstore. Beneath her dress, Lady Gaga added a pair of black tights from luxury hosiery and women's wear company Wolford. LG most often wears Wolford tights and fishnets so it is no surprise. It is not clear which variation of black tights she is wearing as the top waistband is covered by her dress but I believe they are Wolford's basic and popular "Satin Opaque Nature Tights" in black but don't quote me on that! The Satin Opaque Nature Tights are available for $67 here however different variations like the "Velvet de Luxe 66 Tights" also look like a match which are available for $49 here. Finally, no outfit is complete without a killer handbag and Lady Gaga's bag took her look to Destination: Camp! She carries with her a micro-purse small enough for a doll but don't be fooled! This bag is a limited edition creation from luxury handbag company Delvaux. Her bag is inspired by the "Bewitching Enchantress" that they call the "Black Beauty." It is embroidered with custom-made flowers made in Agneau Satin. Each petal is meticulously formed by hand and each flower is embellished with a black pearl at its centre. Made with Lézard Métallisé in Black, metallic pigments give the bag its special scintillating quality. The entire Couture Exclusive Collection is only available at Delvaux boutiques, not sold online, but I am seeing it listed at a heft $6,000 price tag! Thanks to Lady Gaga's stylist Sandra Amador for these fashion credits! Check out UHQ photos of Lady Gaga arriving at the Pre-Gala dinner and leaving her hotel via our gallery and be sure to stay tuned for her MET Gala look this Monday! BONUS: Lady Gaga was spotted by paparazzi leaving the Pre-Gala dinner where she added some accessories we did not see before when she left her hotel. To start, she added a pair of sunglasses to help with the flash of cameras since it was now dark outside. You may recognize them from her May 2018 trip to New York City where she wore them several times. The shades are Roberi and Fraud's "Black Agnes" which they now advertise on their website with her photos! The classic cat eye shades in black acetate are available for $240 here. Next, she added a normal sized purse to hold her belongings as we all joked before that her Delvaux micro bag was made for a doll. Her bodyguard Peter carried her iconic Medium 16 Bag. Back in summer 2018, Lady Gaga was the first person in the world to debut the new design and thus her bag is custom monogrammed with "LG" in gold to match the gold hardware of the bag. The 16 Bag was designed by Slimane on his first day of arrival at Celine and is available in three different sizes. Made of 100% satinated black calfskin leather with a matching top handle, a removable shoulder strap, and an outer flat pocket under the flap, the bag is finished with a twist lock closure and a Celine padlock on a leather key cover. It is finally available for purchase, in several different leather colors, starting at $4,550 here. By Terran Warden