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Found 44 results

  1. Hey Guys! Here you can discuss all the LG6 related rumors! Share everything you find with the people over here! (No links to leaks please!) When will LG6 be released? What will be the album title? Will Stupid Love be the lead? Discuss!
  2. Urban Outfitters has just announced a new Chromatica merchandise: a new pair of Chromatica themed sweatpants with a matching Sweatshirt. Both items, themed after Lady Gaga’s sixth studio album retails for $99 (USD), and are already available for sale at UO. You can buy them along with rest of the exclusive collection by clicking here. View full article
  3. Digital? Vinyl? CD? Cassette? Standard? Deluxe? It sounds like different countries are getting some different editions too! Discuss below!!
  4. Lady Gaga released two remixes of her latest single Rain on Me featuring Ariana Grande. The Ralphi Rosario Remix The Purple Disco Machine Remix On top of the remixes being released, Rain on Me continues to prove it is the song of the summer. The single has returned to the Today's Hits playlist on Apple Music. It also just landed the #1 spot on Billboard's Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart. More Chromatica remixes are expected to drop later in the month. Until then, you can enjoy the Rain on Me remixes on Youtube, or stream the radio edits or full versions on Spotify, Apple Music, and iTunes. Are you enjoying these remixes so far? Discuss in our forum.
  5. Hi guys! Many people have said that Babylon looks like Madonna's "Vogue" and they are not wrong for me. There are some similarities but the POP industry has always been made up of small involuntary copies. Rather, I would like to know if Babylon doesn't look like Gaga's "Black Jesus" very much to you. Let me know!
  6. Hello everyone! If you had to summarize Chromatica in photographs (but also illustrations, design and every types of arts) what would you put? If you like the idea, post it as an answer! Let's recreate the Chromatica mood 💘 I begin by posting two inspirations that recall the chromatic mood for me ✌️
  7. Discuss what song you want as 3rd single and why
  8. Lady Gaga's new album 'Chromatica' was featured during Apple's 2020 Keynote for developers, where the company announced new versions of its operating systems. During the presentation of the new version of iOS, 'Chromatica' and 'Stupid Love' both appeared on the presentation slides. 'Chromatica' is also featured on Apple's home page. View full article
  9. Lady Gaga's new album 'Chromatica' was featured during Apple's 2020 Keynote for developers, where the company announced new versions of its operating systems. During the presentation of the new version of iOS, 'Chromatica' and 'Stupid Love' both appeared on the presentation slides. 'Chromatica' is also featured on Apple's home page. You can watch the full Keynote bellow: Lady Gaga and Apple have previously collaborated on the video of 'Stupid Love', entirely recorded using an iPhone. You can discuss it on our forum here.
  10. Should it be Enigma? Babylon? Sour Candy? Maybe all?
  11. Has anyone who ordered the US Signed CD's shipped at all??? I'm seeing so many people get them but me or my friends (my friend ordered right as she posted and i bought about 2 hours after) have had any shipping confirmation. She restocked 2-3 times since we ordered so..
  12. Lady Gaga's 6th full-length studio album, Chromatica, debuted at number 1 in the United States on the Billboard 200 Album Chart. The album opened with 274,000 units sold, including 205,000 units of pure copies sold and 87,16 million on-demand streams. It became Gaga's 6th album to top the chart and achieved the biggest release week sales for any album by the artist since 2011's Born This Way. Chromatica also scored the biggest first-week sales of 2020 for a female album, and furthermore, the biggest since Taylor Swift's "Lover" which was released back in August 2019. The album has also topped the official charts in many countries such as the UK, Ireland, Australia, the Netherlands, and Italy, and cracked the top 10 in many others. It seems that the album will prove to be a global hit both in terms of sales and streaming in the weeks to come. Buy & Stream Lady Gaga's new album Chromatica here. Discuss Lady Gaga's latest achievement here.
  13. Hello, I need to speak to someone who bought from Gaga Canada's store. Because I bought the signed Chromatica deluxe edition and unlike the other Gaga stores in different countries, I have not received a shipping confirmation email, they do not tell me if my order was sent or not, and they do not clarify anything by email. Has anyone bought from the Canada store? Can you tell me your situation? Thank you!
  14. Lady Gaga has released, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated songs, ‘’Sour Candy’ with Blackpink’’ from her forthcoming album “Chromatica.” ‘Sour Candy’ with Blackpink has been making headlines since the collaboration was announced, as it serves as Blackpink’s official comeback to the music scene after an explosive debut. Gaga took her love for the girl group even deeper by saying: “They are beautiful young women, really talented, and I am proud to the fifth member of Blackpink.” You can stream the official promo single here. View full article
  15. Lady Gaga's anticipated sixth album is finally out and so are its reviews. The album has now a total score of 79 on Metacritic based on 12 Critic Reviews. Variety gave the album a score of 96, while The Independent, The Telegraph, The Guardian, NME and others gave it 80. You can find all the critics that count towards Metacritic, below: VARIETY "96/100" Possibly, song for song, her best yet. ... She sounds like she knows exactly who she is, what she wants to say and how she wants to say it — and with “Chromatica,” she’s laid a rock-solid foundation for the next phase of her remarkable career. Full review EXCLAIM "80/100" For more than a decade, Lady Gaga has encouraged us to 'just dance' regardless of the pain hidden deep within ourselves. While she may have veered off from her own advice over the past few years, Chromatica proves that Gaga is back and better than ever. Full review musicOMH.com "80/100" At 16 songs and a mere 43 minutes, Chromatica can feel a tad frenzied, but in the round marks a deft return to Lady Gaga’s club-pop roots, resplendent with much ’90s influence. There may not be anything really new here, but why mess with this formula when it can produce such engaging slaps and dancefloor empowerment? Gaga is back, with her bangers intact. Full review The Independent (UK) "80/100" Chromatic is an extravagant, sometimes even overblown album – but I suspect it will keep revealing itself over time. And by that point, she’ll be on to the next era. Full review The Telegraph (UK) "80/100" Chromatica offers Gaga at her most energetic and forceful, and that is something to behold. Full review View full article
  16. Hey guys, it's your time to write your Chromatica review! Use one of the following templates and tell us what you think about Lady Gaga's new album. SHORT REVIEW Discuss what you think about the album, its sound and how do you rank it among all her albums and what it means to you. TRACK-BY-TRACK REVIEW Song 1 - 10/10 (score) your review of the track. Song 2 - 8/10 (score) your review of the track. Also we made this cute template for your Instagram!
  17. 1 - Chromatica I - 1:00 2 - Alice - 2:57 3 - Stupid Love - 3:14 4 - Rain On Me - 3:02 5 - Free Woman - 3:11 6 - Fun Tonight - 2:53 7 - Chromatica II - 0:41 8 - 911 - 2:52 9 - Plastic Doll - 3:41 10 - Sour Candy - 2:37 11 - Enigma - 2:59 12 - Replay - 3:06 13 - Chromatica III - 0:27 14 - Sine From Above - 4:04 15 - 1000 Doves - 3:35 16 - Babylon - 2:41 View full article
  18. Lady Gaga has just published a new promotional YouTube video alongside Ariana Grande to promote their new single together ‘Rain On Me.’ The video is officially sponsored by The Weather Channel. The ending of the video leaves fans with a teaser that more is to come as a giant “STAY TUNED” encapsulated the screen followed by the reveal of the newly announced “Chromatica TV” logo. Have a look at: chromaticatv.com
  19. Does anyone know if/when Gaga will release a third round of merch (mostly for Sour Candy maybe)? I would assume tomorrow on release day but if so, any ideas on what time? I just know sour candy merch will sell out fast because of the BLINKs. I can’t remember what time the last two drops happened. Any news or ideas would be great! 💋
  20. What track off of Chromatica are you guys more excited to hear? Are you listening to the album from start to finish or will you listen to a certain track first?
  21. Apple Music has updated its page for Chromatica and now it displays the collaborators for each track of Lady Gaga's new album. Chromatica I: Lady Gaga & Morgan Kibby Alice: Lady Gaga, BloodPop®, Axel Hedfors, Johannes Klahr & Justin Tranter Stupid Love: Lady Gaga, BloodPop®, Max Martin, Martin Joseph Leonard Bresso & Ely Rise Rain On Me: Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, BloodPop®, Matthew Burns, Nija Charles, Rami Yacoub, Martin Joseph Leonard Bresso & Alexander Ridha Free Woman: Lady Gaga, BloodPop®, Axel Hedfors & Johannes Klahr Fun Tonight: Lady Gaga, BloodPop®, Matthew Burns & Rami Yacoub Chromatica II: Morgan Kibby & Stefani Germanotta 911: Lady Gaga, BloodPop®, Madeon & Justin Tranter Plastic Doll: Lady Gaga, BloodPop®, Skrillex, Jacob ‘Jkash’ Hindlin & Rami Yacoub Sour Candy: Lady Gaga, BloodPop®, Matthew Burns, Rami Yacoub, Madison Emiko Love & Hong Jun Park Enigma: Lady Gaga, BloodPop®, Jacob ‘Jkash’ Hindlin & Matthew Burns Replay: Lady Gaga, Matthew Burns & BloodPop® Chromatica III: Lady Gaga & Morgan Kibby Sine From Above: Lady Gaga, Elton John, BloodPop®, Rami Yacoub, Benjamin Rice, Axel Hedfors, Johannes Klahr, Richard Zastenker, Ryan Tedder, Sebastian Ingrosso, Vincent Ponte & Salem Al Fakir 1000 Doves: Lady Gaga, BloodPop®, Rami Yacoub & Martin Joseph Leonard Bresso Babylon: Lady Gaga, BloodPop® & Matthew Burns View full article
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