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    1. Date: February 17th 2016 Location: Rainbow Room (New York City) [caption id=attachment_2077" align="alignright" width="162] Click to enlarge.[/caption] After attending New York Fashion Week, V Magazine took advantage of Lady Gaga being back in the city with a party for V99. V99 is V Magazine's issue that featured Lady Gaga as the Guest Editor with 16 different covers! For the party, Lady Gaga continued her David Bowie tribute with her Grammy's red carpet wig. But Lady Gaga switched up her look with a custom dress by her stylist Brandon Maxwell. To finish her look Lady Gaga wore classic Gaga shoes - sky hall black boots by Pleaser. Get Lady Gaga's Pleaser Beyond 1020 in faux black leather ($122 to $136 depending on size/seller) on Amazon here. Check out more photos of Lady Gaga arriving at and attending her V99 party here. By Terran Warden
    2. Date: February 17th 2016 Location: New York City [caption id=attachment_2074" align="alignright" width="229] Click to enlarge.[/caption] Just like New York Fashion week last fall, Lady Gaga made sure to catch her current stylist Brandon Maxwell's show as well as her former stylist Nicola Formichetti's show. Nicola Formichetti's fashion line, called NicoPanda, combines street culture with Japanese influence and high fashion all at the same time! For the show Lady Gaga wore the same sunglasses she wore when arriving at the Super Bowl, Le Specs sunglasses in their brand new "Pharaoh" frames. Get Lady Gaga's sunglasses in black nickel ($119) here. Lady Gaga also wore another one of her favorite repeat looks, FM pumps by Brian Atwood. Lady Gaga has worn the shoes in neon pink and neon teal to name a few but this time wore a black patent leather pair. The heels are unfortunately no longer available but went for $771 when they were released. As for Lady Gaga's clothing, it has been said to be a custom NicoPanda suit jacket but I cannot confirm that. It is believed to be a custom jacket because it appears to use the same fabric as the jacket in look 6 of NicoPanda's Fall 2016 collection. More photos of Lady Gaga attending the NicoPanda show are available here. By Terran Warden
    3. Date: February 16th 2016 Location: The Monkey Bar (New York City) [caption id=attachment_2066" align="alignright" width="154] Click to enlarge.[/caption] After Brandon Maxwell flew to Los Angeles to help Lady Gaga for the Grammy's, Lady Gaga flew to New York City to support Maxwell's second fashion show. The show was held at The Monkey Bar and debuted Maxwell's Fall 2016 Ready-To-Wear collection in full. For those who saw Maxwell's debut show last fall, the collections are very similar in the way they are distinctly his. For the show Lady Gaga wore none other than the clothes that were debuted on the runway, before they even hit the runway! Lady Gaga combined the black top from look 10 with the pants from look 14. All of Brandon Maxwell's Fall 2016 Ready-To-Wear collection will be up for sale on M'Oda O'Perandi on February 27th! Lady Gaga is also said to have been wearing custom shoes by Pleaser but I cannot confirm that. The shoes were also worn by Lady Gaga back in London (November 2015). More photos of Lady Gaga leaving her apartment for the show and attending the show are available through GagaImages.co By Terran Warden
    4. Date: February 15th 2016 Location: Los Angeles, California [caption id=attachment_2059" align="alignright" width="105] Click to enlarge.[/caption] After becoming the most talked about performer of the Grammys, Lady Gaga celebrated at Mark Ronson's after party. But of course, in true Lady Gaga style, she changed her look again for the party. Lady Gaga's look came again from Marc Jacobs which worked to give a cohesive look for the entire event. Lady Gaga's dress was look 40 from Marc Jacob's Spring Ready-To-Wear collection and her white feather jacket accompanying the dress was part of look 41 in the same collection. To finish off her look Lady Gaga wore red suede "Tribeca" heels by Brian Atwood. The heels are custom from the red carpet premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel. Lady Gaga also wore a custom Bespoke piece by Face Lace on her eye that combined David Bowie's famous lightning bolt with his latest album "Blackstar" More photos of Lady Gaga at the Grammy's after party is available here. By Terran Warden
    5. Date: February 15th 2016 Location: Staples Center (Los Angeles, California) [caption id=attachment_2052" align="alignright" width="300] Click to enlarge.[/caption] After revealing her Yamamoto tear away cape during "Changes", Lady Gaga transitioned to "Ziggy Stardust" with her cape ripped off to reveal a completely new look! Lady Gaga's new look was a "Klaus Nomi shape inspired jacket" that was custom made and embroidered by Marc Jacobs who created Lady Gaga's custom red carpet look. Marc Jacobs embroidered Lady Gaga's jacket in patches also tribute to David Bowie's career. The patches include a ginger rat for "Ziggy Stardust", a shooting star for "Space Oddity", the clown from "Ashes to Ashes", a lightning bolt for "Aladdin Sane" and more! To finish off her look Lady Gaga wore a pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes that she previewed on Snapchat before her performance. The shoes are specifically "Lily Vecchio Nappa Oxford" shoes and are no longer available for purchase. In case you missed it or would like to rewatch it over and over again like I have, Lady Gaga's full performance is available on VEVO here. By Terran Warden
    6. Date: February 15th 2016 Location: Staples Center (Los Angeles, California) [caption id=attachment_2043" align="alignright" width="203] Click to enlarge.[/caption] After weeks of anticipation, Lady Gaga took the stage in collaboration with Intel for a tribute to the late great David Bowie. Lady Gaga started the 10 song medley tribute with "Space Oddity" with focus solely on her face that was transformed into multiple looks with technology from Intel. After "Space Oddity" Lady Gaga transitioned into Bowie's hit song "Changes" which revealed her first outfit. Lady Gaga's outfit is an exact recreation of one of Bowie's tear away capes by Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto. The outfit was originally worn by David Bowie in 1999 for his Ziggy Stardust tour. Lady Gaga has worn many Yamamoto designs in the past and continues to praise and admire his work. Lady Gaga's David Bowie Tribute is available to watch on VEVO here. By Terran Warden
    7. Date: February 15th 2016 Location: Staples Center (Los Angeles, California) [caption id=attachment_2013" align="alignright" width="208] Click to enlarge.[/caption] In ode to her greatest idol and her upcoming performance, Lady Gaga channeled David Bowie for her Grammy's arrival. Lady Gaga's look was a tribute itself to David Bowie's "Life on Mars" era. In the music video for the iconic song Bowie's hair is long in the back with a neon orange shade, and his eyelids are painted blue. Lady Gaga did not wear the blue suit Bowie wore with the look but instead wore a custom Marc Jacobs floor-length jacket. The jacket was originally a blazer style from Jacob's Spring Ready-To-Wear 2016 collection (look 58) but was created just for Gaga. Along with her jacket, Lady Gaga wore custom Marc Jacobs sky-high red heels! The heels are actually from Pleaser USA in their Beyond 087 style but were custom altered by Jacobs to match with the jacket. For instance, the sides have some rhinestones that match the jacket. Lady Gaga's original heels (without alterations) are available on Amazon for less than $145 here. More photos of Lady Gaga at the Grammy's red carpet are available here. By Terran Warden
    8. Date: February 12th 2016 Location: Staples Center (Los Angeles, California) [caption id=attachment_1986" align="alignright" width="300] Click to enlarge.[/caption] Despite being sick and attending the Saint Laurent fashion show the day before, Lady Gaga returned to Staples Center to rehearse her Grammy's performance. Her performance will be the culmination of her collaboration with Intel that will "think the unthinkable" and "imagine the unimaginable" but also in tribute to Lady Gaga's biggest icon; David Bowie who passed away January 10th 2016. Lady Gaga's look was extremely simple but also extremely fashionable. Lady Gaga is wearing a top by one of her new favorite designers, Baja East. Lady Gaga's top is specifically look 3 from their Fall 2015 Ready-To-Wear collection. Lady Gaga's "Hand-Loom Chunky Cashmere Fisherman Rib" top from Baja East is available on their website ($1,195) here. Lady Gaga's Grammy performance will air live on Monday February 15th on CBS!
    9. Date: February 12th 2016 [caption id=attachment_1983" align="alignright" width="300] Click to enlarge.[/caption] After nearly a month since the original Intel announcement, Lady Gaga is featured in a second commercial for her Grammy's performance. In the commercial, again, Lady Gaga wears only one look. The first trailer's only look came from Stephane Rolland and the second trailer's only look comes from Lady Gaga's favorite; Alexander McQueen. The gown is an archival look from Alexander McQueen's Fall/Winter 2010 collection, specifically look 12. While it may seem like a simple tribute to McQueen, the dress is actually from the final collection McQueen made before his suicide. "He [McQueen] wanted to get back to the handcraft he loved, and the things that are being last in the making of fashion," said Sarah Burton. "He was looking at the art of the Dark Ages, but finding light and beauty in it" Burton added. Sadly, the dress is no longer available for purchase except through personal collections (but who would want to sell theirs?!). Don't forget to tune into The Grammy's Monday February 15th for Lady Gaga's history-making performance!
    10. Date: February 11th 2016 Location: Malibu & Los Angeles, California [caption id=attachment_2002" align="alignright" width="147] Click to enlarge.[/caption] Once again Lady Gaga was not spotted in public but updated her Snapchat story on her day of rehearsal for her Grammy's performance. Lady Gaga wore only one look for the day (according to her story) and her look was head-to-toe Gucci! Lady Gaga captioned her Snapchat video as "Gucci" which gives the assumption her suit was Gucci but what has been tracked down is her shirt, tie, shoes, and purse. Lady Gaga's metallic shirt appears to be a custom creation based off of look 34 in the Gucci Resort 2016 collection. Gucci's runway look originally had a colored collar while Lady Gaga's is all one fabric. Lady Gaga's tie is also a custom for her tribute to David Bowie but is inspired by Gucci's latest collection which featured several different ties of the same shape and size, but with different decorations. Lady Gaga's appears to be a custom creation featuring a lightning bolt (famously from David Bowie's "Alladin Sane" album cover). Lady Gaga showed her heels for just a second on Snapchat and are the same pair from her Super Bowl performance. While Lady Gaga opted to wear one shoe from each pair of Gucci heels, for this look she wore the complete pair of custom heels. The heels are sold by Gucci in various leather colors but this pair is made of dark blue sparkles. Lastly, Lady Gaga is seen on her Snapchat with a Gucci bag. Her purse comes from Gucci's Pre-Fall 2016 collection and is available for purchase! Get Lady Gaga's "Sylvie Leather Shoulder Bag" in off-white leather ($2,490) here. Don't forget to add Lady Gaga on Snapchat, username "LadyGaga"
    11. Date: February 10th 2016 Location: The Hollywood Palladium [caption id=attachment_1962" align="alignright" width="109] Click to enlarge.[/caption] After updating her Snapchat sick in bed with the flu, Lady Gaga got ready and attended the Saint Laurent Fashion Show because "fashion week doesn't care if ure sick" (as she captioned one of her updates on Snapchat). The main piece of Lady Gaga's look was her fully sequined blazer jacket. The jacket is an older look that was made famous by Daft Punk back in 2013. In fact, Nile Rodgers (who produced "I Want Your Love" with Lady Gaga, is producing some of #LG5, and part of Lady Gaga's 2016 Grammy's performance) wore the jacket to the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards with Daft Punk! Going with her sequin jacket Lady gaga wore classic Saint Laurent pieces, to fit with the occasion. Lady Gaga's shirt is the "Signature Yves Collar Shirt" in white cotton poplin. Lady Gaga's shirt is available ($495) here. Lady Gaga's pants are Saint Laurent's "Iconic Le Smoking Trouser in Black Grain de Poudre Wool". These pants are also available, for $990, here. For her first time EVER, Lady Gaga wore flats on the red carpet! But even though they weren't heels, Lady Gaga's shoes were rare and fancy! Lady Gaga's flats were Saint Laurent's "Black Velvet Smoking Slipper" and are no longer available for purchase. Finally, Lady Gaga finished off her look with a pair of sunglasses she wore inside the show but not on the red carpet. The glasses are a repeat look of Gaga's (worn when honored in the Songwriter's Hall of Fame, June 2015) and are by KonPlott USA. Get your very own pair for only 79 euros here. More photos of Lady Gaga on the red carpet and inside the show are available via GagaImages.co
    12. [caption id=attachment_1979" align="alignright" width="300] Click to enlarge.[/caption] Date: February 9th 2016 Location: Hollywood, California The only sightings monsters got of Lady Gaga for the day came from her own Snapchat story updates. In her story Lady Gaga was rehearsing for her David Bowie Grammy's tribute performance which included desk work on her typewriter, dance, meetings with Tech Haus and more that we did not get to see. For the day Lady Gaga only wore one outfit that was somewhat hard to see but has been tracked down! Credit to LaMaisonGaga for finding the correct designer. Lady Gaga wore a jacket by Vivienne Tam, from her Spring 2016 collection. The jacket is from look 36 and is not available for purchase online that I have been able to find. The jacket is available in the Vivienne Tam SoHo NYC store though. Lady Gaga also wore a red beret hat with a cute pom pom on the top. Despit it's simple appearance the hat is actually a Gucci product. Get your very own Gucci "Pompom Knitted Beret" for $289 here. Lady Gaga can also be seen one time on her story wearing a Nike style sneaker but I have not been able to distinguish which style she is wearing. Don't forget to add Lady Gaga on Snapchat, username "LadyGaga", and be sure to tune into the Grammy's on Monday February 15th!
    13. Date: February 8th 2016 Location: San Fernando Valley, California [caption id=attachment_1956" align="alignright" width="300] Click to enlarge.[/caption] After a busy day of interviews and the Oscars Nominee Luncheon, Lady Gaga's work was still not over. After the luncheon Lady Gaga changed into a comfortable, relaxed look to do some mixing (most likely for #LG5) at a recording studio in San Fernando Valley. Lady Gaga's location was known by the Snapchat filter she used that said SFV. For her final look of the day Lady Gaga combined two seasons of Baja East with matching blue heels. Lady Gaga's pants come from look 5 of the Baja East Fall 2015 Ready-To-Wear collection which is no longer available. Lady Gaga's sweater, which is shorter in the front and longer in the back, comes from Baja East's Resort 2016 collection and is available for purchase! Get Lady Gaga's Baja East "Ribbed Sweater" for $1,395 here. Lady Gaga's heels were at least her second pair of Brian Atwood heels just in the day. Lady Gaga's blue heels have an accenting green patch on the back which distinguished them as "Mercury Suede Pumps". Get your very own pair for only $236 (originally $675 when they were released) here. More photos are available of Lady Gaga leaving the studio here, and don't forget to add Lady Gaga on Snapchat with the username "LadyGaga"
    14. Date: February 8th 2016 Location: Beverly Hilton Hotel (California) [caption id=attachment_1953" align="alignright" width="145] Click to enlarge.[/caption] After spending the morning sitting down for interviews in not one, but two outfits, Lady Gaga changed looks once again to attend the 2016 Oscars Nominee Luncheon. For the event, Lady Gaga dressed the part as an honored Oscar nominee in a beautiful light pink look with an old Hollywood feel but still modern as the dress exposed many of Lady Gaga's tattoos. Lady Gaga's gown was a custom piece by designer Christian Siriano. Lady Gaga has worn many Siriano looks before and stuns every time. Siriano described the custom gown as a "nude silk crepe dress" that was both "sexy and chic". To finish off her look Lady Gaga wore nude "Tribeca" heels by one of her favorites, Brian Atwood. Unfortunately Lady Gaga's heels are no longer available to purchase (that I can find) because of newer seasons of Atwood's shoes arriving but the new seasons include the same heel in different colors and patterns. Finally, Lady Gaga kept her jewelry simple. She wore her Lorraine Shwartz engagement ring (not available for purchase even if it was affordable) and her earrings came from BECK Jewels which are available for purchase! Get Lady Gaga's BECK "Baroque Pearl Studs" for $195 (currently on sale for $175) here.
    15. Date: February 8th 2016 Location: Beverly Hills, California [caption id=attachment_1934" align="alignright" width="205] Click to enlarge.[/caption] After her first Snapchat story update and first interview, in true Lady Gaga style the fashion icon switched into a second outfit for a second interview and Snapchat story update. Lady Gaga's second interview look, worn with her interview for Extra by Mario Lopez, comes from Roksanda Ilincic. Roksanda is a Serbian based designer that Lady Gaga iconically wore before in London during the Born This Way era (teal dress and pink squiggly hat ring a bell? Lady Gaga's outfit is look 28 from the Pre-Fall 2016 collection. The look was previously available on M'Oda O'Perandi but is no longer available. Lady Gaga's "Cropped Leather Jacket" were available for $5,040 and "A Line Leather Skirt" was available for $3,465.
    16. Date: February 8th 2016 Location: Beverly Hills, California [caption id=attachment_1989" align="alignright" width="272] Click to enlarge.[/caption] After giving an amazing Super Bowl performance and attending an after party celebration, Lady Gaga was up bright and early for a busy day of interviews and Oscars work. Lady Gaga posted her first look on her Snapchat story which she used for The Academy's Twitter Q&A and another interview that has not been published yet. After that she went on to interview with Extra (by Mario Lopez) and CBS Sunday Morning (by Ben Tracy) in different looks. Lady Gaga's first look combined look 14 and look 17 of Erika Cavallini's Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Look 14 is Lady Gaga's dress and look 17 is Lady Gaga's jacket/cape. Unfortunately Cavallini's products are sold through so many separate online stores that I cannot possibly go through them all to check if Lady Gaga's look is available for purchase online. If you would like to check a site (specific to your country or preference) the complete list of online stores can be found here.
    17. Date: February 7th 2016 Location: Santa Clara, California [caption id=attachment_1931" align="alignright" width="239] Click to enlarge.[/caption] During her after party celebration with Diplo and Bruno Mars among others, Lady Gaga was gifted and posed with a pizza sweatshirt. The sweatshirt comes from Pizzaslime, a clothing company known for hilarious satirical designs while at the same time not giving a fuck. Lady Gaga's "Pizzaslime Gang Hoodie" is available for $60 here. Some sizes are selling out or becoming limited so be sure to hurry to get yours. Lady Gaga is also seen wearing Denver Broncos face stickers after the team won the Super Bowl. The team does not sell these officially but unauthorized versions can be found on various online stores (such as Amazon, and sports stores).
    18. Date: February 7th 2016 Location: Levi's Stadium (Santa Clara, California) [caption id=attachment_1925" align="alignright" width="240] Click to enlarge.[/caption] For what she called one of the greatest honors of her life, Lady Gaga performed the United States of America National Anthem that opened the 50th Super Bowl. The Super Bowl, watched in nearly every home in America (along with the sold-out stadium, and live streams around the world) is the largest audience a musician could reach and Lady Gaga did not disappoint! Lady Gaga lived up to her inspiration Whitney Houston and did it all in custom Gucci by Alessandro Michele (creative director of Gucci). Alessandro said that “when Gaga asked me to create an outfit for the Super Bowl I was very honoured and I went for red, pure energy for an energetic woman performing on an energising event.“ Lady Gaga's suit was a custom look from their Spring/Summer 2016 collection where the green was changed to "Hibiscus red Lurex". Lady Gaga also shared her wore custom heels by Gucci on Snapchat. The custom heels come from Lady Gaga's blue heel but the red and white heel is available! Get Lady Gaga's Gucci "Studded Leather Platform Pump" in red and white leather ($1,100) here. Watch Lady Gaga's National Anthem performance here and don't forget to add Lady Gaga on Snapchat, username "LadyGaga"
    19. Date: February 7th 2016 Location: Santa Clara, California [caption id=attachment_1918" align="alignright" width="295] Click to enlarge.[/caption] After posting some Super Bowl prep on Snapchat, Lady Gaga posted her custom Max Mara outfit "for the car". Lady Gaga wore the outfit on her ride to the stadium, and inside the stadium until changing into her performance outfit. Lady Gaga's outfit consisted of a custom jumpsuit by Max Mara and various accessories. The fabric, based on the American flag, can be seen in look 2 among others in the Max Mara Spring/Summer Ready-To-Wear 2016 collection but is not available for purchase. Next Lady Gaga wore some classic Gaga heels - giant black boots by Pleaser USA. Get Lady Gaga's "Xtreme Beyond 1020" 10 inch heels on Amazon from $122 t0 $136 depending on size and seller here. Then Lady Gaga wore a pair of sunglasses by Le Specs. The specific frames, "Pharaoh" are part of Le Specs' Spring/Summer 2016 collection (Luxe line) available February 17th on LeSpecs.com Finally Lady Gaga wore a pair of Swarovski earrings that are available for purchase now! Get Lady Gaga's "Harley Pierced Earrings" in classic clear crystal ($59) here. Check out more photos of Lady Gaga arriving at Levi's Stadium here and be sure to add Lady Gaga on Snapchat, username "LadyGaga"
    20. Date: February 6th 2016 Location: Levi's Stadium (Santa Clara, California) [caption id=attachment_1905" align="alignright" width="198] Click to enlarge.[/caption] In anticipation for her National Anthem performance at the 50th Super Bowl, Lady Gaga sat down with the National Football League (NFL) to discuss the performance. In the interview Lady Gaga discussed her favorite performance of the National Anthem, which was by Whitney Houston, what to expect for her performance, and how honored she was to perform. Lady Gaga was also featured in an NFL commercial from the interview, where celebrities discussed their favorite Super Bowl memories. Lady Gaga talked about Whitney Houston's performance again. For her interview Lady Gaga wore a complete look by Gucci (which gave hints to her National Anthem outfit which was also Gucci). Lady Gaga's look is look 43 from Gucci's Cruise 2016 collection and is all available for purchase! Get Lady Gaga's Gucci "Leather Biker Jacket" in cerise ($4,900) here. Get Lady Gaga's Gucci "Chevron Print Button Down Shirt "($1,250) here. Get Lady Gaga's Gucci "Pleated Leather Skirt" in cerise ($2,800) here. Lady Gaga's full interview is available to watch through NFL Network here.
    21. Date: January 23rd 2016 Location: Los Angeles, California [caption id=attachment_1867" align="alignright" width="300] Click to enlarge.[/caption] After snagging an Oscars nomination for Best Original Song with Diane Warren, for "Till It Happens To You", Lady Gaga was asked to perform the chart-topping track at the Producers Guild Awards. The performance allowed many members of the Oscars voting academy to see the song live and Lady Gaga delivered an amazing performance! For her attendance at the awards and performance Lady Gaga wore a light pink gown with simple accenting black rhinestones. The dress was a custom creation by designer Carolina Herrera. Herrera is a Venezuelan designer based in New York City that Lady Gaga has worn many times before. More photos are available of Lady Gaga attending the red carpet and performing.
    22. Date: January 17th 2016 [caption id=attachment_1890" align="alignright" width="93] Click to enlarge.[/caption] After disappearing from social media for awhile, Lady Gaga posted a photo with actress Monica Raymond on Instagram. In her selfie Lady Gaga can be seen just barely wearing a silk slip dress with simple sparkly earrings. Lady Gaga's dress is from Maiyet's SPring 2016 Ready-To-Wear collection, look 32, which is not yet available. La Maison Gaga has reported Lady Gaga's earrings are by Swarovski. The reported earrings are "Harley" Pierced Earrings Set in classic clear crystal and are available for $59 here.
    23. Date: January 8th 2016 Magazine: V Magazine Photographer: Terry Richardson [caption id=attachment_1671" align="alignright" width="300] Click to enlarge.[/caption] As part of the final reveal of Lady Gaga's 16 V Magazine covers as Guest Editor for issue 99, Asia was released as the 16th cover! Along with the cover, Lady Gaga also did a photoshoot with Asia by Terry Richardson. For her 3rd look in the shoot with Asia, Lady Gaga wears a white suit jacket (and possibly matching pants, unpictured) from Brandon Maxwell with a matching headpiece to Asia. Lady Gaga's "White Lapel Suit Jacket" is from Brandon Maxwell's Spring 2016 Ready-To-Wear collection, look 5. The collection was available to buy on M'Oda 'Operandi previously but is no longer available. To finish off their looks, Lady Gaga AND Asia wore custom feather headpieces by the legendary Philip Treacy! Asia's headpiece is new and never-before-scene but Lady Gaga wore her "magical hat" as she said on Twitter back in 2011 on Jimmy Kimmel! Remember? V99, featuring Asia as one of the 16 covers, hits newsstands January 14th and features Lady Gaga as Guest Editor!
    24. Date: January 8th 2016 Magazine: V Magazine Photographer: Terry Richardson [caption id=attachment_1701" align="alignright" width="300] Click to enlarge.[/caption] As part of promotion for V Magazine issue 99, photos from inside the photoshoots began to be released. Since Asia Kinney, Lady Gaga's first French bulldog, is the cover star of cover 16 Lady Gaga joined her for a photoshoot. In the photoshoot, Lady Gaga AND Asia wear several amazing fashion looks. But for her second look in the shoot, Lady Gaga is shot by herself. In the shot Lady Gaga wears a sheer black dress from DKNY's latest runway. Specifically Lady Gaga wears look 41 from DKNY's SPring/Summer 2016 runway, which is not yet available for purchase. V99 hits newsstands January 14th featuring Lady Gaga as Guest Editor and 16 different covers!
    25. Date: January 8th 2016 Magazine: V Magazine Photographer: Terry Richardson [caption id=attachment_1665" align="alignright" width="300] Click to enlarge.[/caption] After revealing the final covers of V99, photos from inside the issue began to be released. The final cover (cover 16) features Asia, Lady Gaga's dog, with an inside photoshoot of Asia and Lady Gaga by Terry Richardson. Lady Gaga's first look from the shoot with Asia comes from Dolce and Gabbana (sadly... don't forget the designers came out against same-sex families and adoptions despite being gay themselves). Lady Gaga's look is fresh off of their runway, specifically look 15 from their Spring/Summer 2016 collection. Lady Gaga's look is not available for purchase yet. V Magazine issue 99, featuring Lady Gaga as Guest Editor with a record-breaking 16 covers, hits newsstands January 14th!