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    About Me

    Found 14 results

    1. For Gaga's birthday this year, Gaga Now team has decided to compile a select collection for an letters into a book that will be gifted to Gaga herself. This project was born with the purest intensions to cheer Gaga up during the Corona pandemic, which has resulted in her 6th studio album Chromatica to be postponed. All we ask is for you to write a letter in proper English where you wish Gaga a happy birthday and put a smile on her face. The letter should... Talk about how Gaga has helped you in your life; Be written in proper English; Be a minimum of 300 characters, maximum of 1 page; Use a character size of 12; Have your full name signed at the end (and your Twitter @ tagged if you want); Be cheerful, yet professional, meaning no "Yaas" or small talk. The letters should be posted below as reply or sent by email: [email protected] Any letter that doesn't meet the minimus requirement will be deleted. Tomorrow at midnight European time, the thread will be locked and the best letters to be featured in the book will be picked by our team. The letters will be compiled in an e-book and sent to Gaga's management who will present it to her. Though we will try our best to feature each submission we receive, keep in mind that not all letters will make it into the book. Therefore, try to be concise but memorable to stand out. Only a maximum of 50 letters will be selected.
    2. "happy birthday to a literal angel that has changed my life in many ways ! i’ll tell u more about it later but ... u make my heart feel so full and happy and understood @ladygaga. wishing u all the joy in the world today and every day ! have some pasta." Their collaboration is gonna be HUGE.
    3. FEATURED is a special section on ladygaganow.co that allows any fan to write their own article regarding Lady Gaga with the chance to be published. All you need in order to write is an account with our website AND make sure your article is written using proper English in order to be eligible for posting. To start posting you have to reach at least 10 content count (topics or replies) on our Forum and then click the button on the Feature homepage. Keep in mind, all articles must be written as a true article or blog post, and should focus on just one specific topic. (Ex: "Reasons Why The ARTPOP Era Had Trouble" or "What's Going on with Lady Gaga's Instagram Posts?") After submitting an article, our team will Approve or Deny whether the article is fit to be published, this depends on the ability to read the article. You should add a proper cover image with your post (1400x700) otherwise one will be provided by us. Feel free to sign any of your articles with your Twitter, Instagram or your facebook. After our approval, we'll share each article across our social profiles and will be in the home page of our brand new APP! We look forward to seeing what our fan community can come up with and are excited for what this new column will bring to our site.
    4. This was literally one of the worst interview ever.
    5. https://www.instagram.com/p/B9JnDpUpwgh/?igshid=1rr75h83pcfe2
    6. Stupid Love was played in a lower pitch at the finale at the Christian Cowan fashion show Song and album coming soon?
    7. Lady Gaga will play Patrizia Reggiani, who served 18 years in an Italian prison for orchestrating the 1995 murder in Milan of her husband Maurizio Gucci. Maurizio Gucci was part of the famous family that built the Gucci fashion house & was Guccio Gucci’s grandson, who founded the House Of Gucci in 1921. The company remained under family control, but by the 70s, family infighting and mismanagement began to tarnish the brand. Maurizio Gucci then, took control of the house. Maurizio Gucci met Patrizia Reggiani & after the wedding in 1972, the two became “one of italy’s first celebrity power couples”. After his father’s death in 1983, Rodolfo Gucci, Maurizio took over 50% stake in the company, and the marriage with Patrizia unraveled. In March 27, 1995, Maurizio was gunned down on the steps of his office. Suspicions immediately turned to his fiery ex-wife Patrizia, who had come to be known as “Lady Gucci" in the press. On the day Patrizia’s ex-husband was gunned down, she wrote in her diary "paradeisos”. The greek word for paradise. Patrizia Reggiani at Maurizio Gucci's funeral in 1995. Patrizia Reggiani was jailed in 1998 after being found guilty of paying a hit man the lire equivalent of €300,000 to murder her ex-husband Maurizio Gucci, the multi-millionaire heir to the fashion business. It took 2 years from the killing happened to the arrest of Patrizia. the police had to let her get dressed & then she was arrested wearing a fur coat. When asked once by a reporter why she hired a hitman and didn't carry out the crime herself, she shot back, “My eyesight is not so good. I didn't want to miss." Patrizia Reggiani was sentenced to 29 years in prison but was released in 2016 after serving 18 years behind bars. The Academy Award Winner, Lady Gaga, is expected to star as Patrizia Reggiani in the assasination of Gucci movie directed by Ridley Scott.
    8. Lady Gaga took her ENIGMA Tour to Miami to perform at the Super Bowl pre-concert: "Super Saturday Night" hosted by AT&T TV. A custom venue called Meridian Island Gardens was built for the occasion in Miami Beach: on the multi-levels building, AT&T hosted multiple interactive 5G experiences for fans including a 60 foot Monster Wall with over 25,000 combinations and exclusive angle Fan Cams. View full post
    9. Good evening everyone. The Door is a very special section where I'm gonna release exclusive content and make some games. To open the door you'll need to solve a riddle in order to get a password and open The Door. The first user who's gonna reply to the topic inside the section will win ONE T-SHIRT of his choice from our shop. To partecipate and see the section you'll need at least 5 posts in our Forum. (Please don't spam under this post, go reply the other topics). For everyone else, enjoy a special discount code to get 25% off any purchase on Spaceneil.com valid through tomorrow. CODE: LGNFORUM HINT: MUSIC FROM BORN THIS WAY 5+23+11 - The password is not case-sensitive and has no spaces. - we'll be removing any spam message to get the posts number up. HINT 2: GAGAVISION SOLUTION: WE HAVE A WINNER @ScrewTheUser!! Let me explain the solution: The video quote was from Lady Gaga's GAGAVISION. The one I picked was the 43. In the video Gaga teased Marry The Night pushing buttons on the phone. the solutions was: 6277777799984433664444448 As in: M-A-R-R-Y-T-H-E-N-I-G-H-T 6-2-777-777-999-8-44-33-66-444-4-44-8 I'm sorry if it was too hard! I'm gonna plan more riddles in the upcoming weeks! Hope you had fun.