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  1. Vogue UK has reveled that Lady Gaga will be the new face of Valentino's upcoming fragrance: Voce Viva. The fragrance will be released later this September with a worldwide campaign. The idea of the new fragrance is centered around the values of inclusivity and individual personality, which Gaga has been so vocal about over the course of her career. The campaign is expected to be shoot later this week. We can also exclusively reveal that the commercial will feature a song from Chromatica. View full article
  2. Urban Outfitters has finally unveiled their Chromatica collection. The three exclusive t-shirts are similar to the ones that were available in the official store but with a slight change in the colour tones. Each shirt retails for the price of $34.00 and can be purchased from the official US store. View full article
  3. Lady Gaga's new album 'Chromatica' was featured during Apple's 2020 Keynote for developers, where the company announced new versions of its operating systems. During the presentation of the new version of iOS, 'Chromatica' and 'Stupid Love' both appeared on the presentation slides. 'Chromatica' is also featured on Apple's home page. View full article
  4. Lady Gaga and Paper Magazine threw a Chromatica "Fundrager" on Zoom where all proceeds went to the Marsha P Johnson Institute, an organization that protects and defends the human rights of black transgender people. This organization was one of many that Lady Gaga spoke about in a recent Twitter thread in her support of the Black Lives Matter movement. View full article
  5. Lady Gaga's iconic 'Puke On Gaga' dress sells at Julien's Auction for $5,120, under the estiamate of $6,000-8,000.
  6. Adobe has launched a new contest: Create a Chromatica-themed artwork using any Adobe Software to win $10.000! To enter, go onto the ADOBE CREATIVE page, download the official Chromatica assets and submit your artwork! First Winner: - $10,000 cash (or local currency equivalent) - A high-quality print of your artwork, autographed by Lady Gaga - 12-month Adobe All-Apps Creative Cloud Subscription "Nine Second Place" Winners: - $400 cash (or local currency equivalent) - An autographed Lady Gaga poster - 3-month All-Apps Creative Cloud Subscription The contest is open to residents of US, UK, Canada (exc. Quebec), France, Germany, and Japan. CLICK HERE TO ENTER View full article
  7. Showing her support to the Black Lives Matter movement once again, Lady Gaga has signed Black Music Action Coalition's open letter, demanding changes for the black community, more specifically, black singers and artists. View full article
  8. You can purchase this issue here.
  9. My top 10 is: Marry The Night Judas Alejandro Telephone The Edge Of Glory (i love the music and video) G.U.Y. Paparazzi Bad Romance Yoü and I Born This Way
  10. Click on the picture to open the gallery.
  11. For her sixth album, Lady Gaga dove deep into the history of house music and recruited an army of electronic music veterans to go back to her dance music roots. On the Chromatica track “Free Woman,” Lady Gaga sings with conviction: “This is my dance floor I fought for.” She’s not exaggerating; her sixth album is, in many ways, about the journey that paved the way for the pop superstar’s triumphant return to dance music. For longtime fans, Chromatica is as familiar as it is fresh. It’s electro-pop Gaga, an update from the girl who gave the world “Poker Face” and “Just Dance,” that digs deeper into the classic house music scene that has always informed her music. To make the album, she found a partner in Michael Tucker, known as BloodPop, who had previously helped produce Joanne alongside its executive producers Mark Ronson and Gaga. “It actually [began] around the same time Gaga was working on A Star is Born,” Tucker tells Rolling Stone. Following the release of Joanne in late 2016, Gaga sunk her teeth into the film soon after, writing and recording the soundtrack just before shooting that following spring. Her Joanne World Tour would begin that summer. For ASIB, Tucker and the pop star would write ideas at her home. While none of their collaborations during this time would make the soundtrack, one idea did stand out: “Stupid Love.” View full article
  12. Lady Gaga took to Twitter this Monday afternoon to announce a new product for her official shop. Alongside the already available Chromatica thong, Gaga shared with fans a new product, a Chromatica themed jockstrap. You can buy the thong here and the jockstrap here. Both products come with a digital edition of Chromatica.
  13. Our merchandise shop is back, and we're coming back with full force by launching our new Chromatica Collection. Filled with amazing new designs and prints. Get ready for Gaga's new era looking stylish in our collection. You can shop by clicking HERE. You can also check out our shop's Instagram profile HERE . View full article
  14. Lady Gaga has partnered with food delivery app Postmates for a new charitable effort ahead of the release of her latest album, "Chromatica." Gaga and Postmates have announced that they will donate up to $100,000 to World Central Kitchen, a charity run by celebrity chef José Andrés. For each order placed through the app from Friday through Sunday, Gaga and Postmates will contribute $1 until the $100,000 donation cap is reached. As an added incentive, orders that use the code "CHROMATICA" at checkout receives free delivery throughout the weekend to celebrate the release of the album. World Central Kitchen's goal is to distribute 250,000 meals daily to those most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic by making meals served through Andrés's restaurants available for free or at a reduced cost. View full article
  15. To celebrate the release of Chromatica we’re releasing a Lite Version of the LadyGagaNow forum for iOS users! It comes with a brand new Gagamojis sticker pack for iMessage. Download it now on the Apple Store! onelink.to/lgn-app
  16. TVGROOVE interviewed Lady Gaga about her upcoming album Chromatica, which is set to be released this Friday, May 29. Read the interview below: A lot happened in your life, in America and the world in general over the last few years. When you embarked on Chromatica, what was the head space you were in emotionally? "When I started working on Cromatica I was in a very dark place, not necessarily because of the current situation of the world, or the American politics. I was working every day, but it was thanks to the compassion of my friends that I work with. They said, "come, let's compose together, you can do it." I was able to make this album because they believed in me. And what healed me was that when I listened to the songs we recorded after, I could hear the happiness in my voice. The lyrics are a poem about my life. They were difficult to sing, but at the same time, I was thinking about the world and how I could make people happy. I believe that is my mission. I believe I am here to make people happy." You moved away from pop music with your 2013 album "ARTPOP" and since then, you have released a duet album with Tony Bennett, Cheek to Cheek, your last solo record Joanne, and the movie A Star Is Born. You sound seemed to be more organic and stripped down. Why did you decide to make pop music after such a long time? "I made myself go back to pop. I began to create and write things that I haven't felt in my heart and mind in a long time. And that's what I wanted to make, and I was surprised it came out when I was in so much pain. I wrote songs in this album to dance away the pain. Every time I wrote and produced, and listened to many of the songs I made, I thought, "oh my voice sounds happy, I'm still happy. There must be something left." When I finally felt the album was complete, I decided to call it "Chromatica." That is where I am now. I'm in a happy place. I'm so thankful to the people around me. I'm deeply grateful to be alive, my creativity and my voice in this world. And now, I'm focused on spreading compassion to the world. '' You've talked about it a little bit now, but what is the theme of "Chromatica" and what message do you want to convey through this album? Can you please tell us why you chose this title? "The album title "Chromatica" (color, chromatic scale) is inspired by the fact that every person is different, first and foremost in color, race and religion. People different in terms of their individuality, gender identity, and sexuality. We are very colorful in various ways, but also in terms of music. In an octave, there's a chromatic scale, which means that the sounds go up in semitone steps. The sounds in music are very close to each other, but also very different. I thought it would be interesting to think of it as a very close relationship, that is, we are very different from each other yet very similar in many ways. There are many conflicts in the world, a lot of negative things, hate, war, or illness. With this album we wondered how we could heal one another and how we could survive. I believe that compassion frees us, and that compassion never fails." This time you co-wrote the song Rain on Me with Ariana Grande. What is the history? How did you collaborate with Ariana and what does the music video look like? “I love Ariana. I want the music video to be surprise, I don't want to give anything away just yet. But Ariana and I really connected. We discussed our life experiences, our traumas. We both had a lot of difficulties in the past. We share a mutual respect for each other's experiences and strengths. In the song we sing, "I'd rather be dry but at least I'm alive, rain on me", to emphasize that crying might be seen as a sign of weakness but all the tears we shed eventually make us stronger. We can stand in the rain, in tears, and still feel powerful and empowered. I really want to use my voice in this world to help others. And your tears don't make you weak, but rather make you stronger, I want you to know. Like the weather. Like rain. Sometimes it's a storm.'' This time, you also co-wrote a song called Sour Candy with BLACKPINK. What was the history of this as well? How did you collaborate with them? “When I called them and asked if they wanted to write a song with me, they were so happy and motivated. It was a really exciting collaboration. I wanted to celebrate them because I love powerful women like them, and they also wanted to celebrate me as well. We had a great time together with this song. I was excited to hear them interpret the song in Korean. It ended up being very creative and fun. I was in awe when I heard their singing voice. I'm proud to be the fifth member of BLACKPINCK (in this song)." In the music video for Stupid Love, you're wearing a pink outfit, which looks very much inspired from a manga series we have here in Japan called Sailor Moon (especially Sailor Chibi Moon). What do you think about this? This is it (shows the picture). "Isn't this child Sailor Moon's sister?" Yes, this is Sailor Mini Moon (Sailor Chibi Moon). "I was inspired by anime when we made this video. Because the producer BloodPop gave me an anime toy when I was sad in the studio to cheer me up. To celebrate what my friends did to make me smile as well as the Japanese culture, I thought it would be awesome if I could reflect this artistic expression in my music. He brought a figure of Bayonetta to the studio, and a stuffed toy (Korilakkuma) too. It made me realize I was loved, and that was reflected in this video. I tried to celebrate some aspects of Japanese and Asian culture. I want people to know that I tried to pay homage to the culture with utmost respect, because it really made me smile." "Free Woman" is a wonderful song that empowers people. Compared to about 10 years ago when you made your debut, I think that the world has become more positive about the active expression of women. You seem to have been at the forefront of the movement since your debut, but what do you think about the changes in the world? "Thank you so much for saying that. It's very kind. I've always been trying to be a role model for people. I didn't want to obey the stereotypes that women were told to conform. I always say that what matters is our heart and intelligence, and that's what we must offer to the world. When I was younger in the industry, I was often seen as an object by the men I worked with. It was very difficult to work in the same room while people sexualize every little thing you do. As a woman, I was uncomfortable. The difference between that time and now is that standing up for yourself was not socially accepted. I use my sexuality in the ways I want to and when I want to. I'm free. I'm a woman, that's my right. And I think that applies to all sexes, not just women, and gender identities. What changed is that when I say it, it's no longer shocking. In the old days, when I said, "I don't want to do that," I was opposed and yelled at because I came off strong. I don't think it's good to say that women who stand up for themselves are not good people. There's nothing wrong with standing up for yourself, it's a great quality.'' In recent years, you have appeared in the TV drama "American Horror Story: Hotel" and the movie "A Star Is Born." as Ally. You showed an extraordinary talent as an actor, but tell me, do you have a preference? Music or film? “Music is one of the most powerful things in the world. Music is something I have and I can share with the world. Acting is something I also have and can share, and so is philanthrophy. I don't think music is better than anything else, I don't think acting is better than anything else. What we all offer is equally important. I always say, no one thing is greater than the other in Chromatica. So if you ask, is music powerful? The answer is yes. But what's really powerful is that all of us have different qualities to share and offer to the world with compassion. I think it's as powerful as music. So I hope that I can inspire people through my music. That's what I have to offer. '' The album has not been released yet, but please tell us about the visual concept of this work. I also use a lot of pink. What does this color mean to you? "I was attracted to pink for "Chromatica" because I always saw it as powerful color. It's a caring color. It reminds me of the womb, and women. I connect women and the color pink in many ways. John Lennon used to say about Yoko Ono: "She has the wisdom that men don't have." But I think all sexes have wisdom. So I was attracted to pink in the sense that I was very inspired by women and the womb, and the concepts of creation and birth. But I hope pink will be a color that all genders can identify with. I think it's a compassionate, happy color. It's a color that reminds us we are here on Earth to love and support one another.'' Translation: LadyGagaNow Read the full interview.
  17. Lady Gaga's new album Chromatica will be released this Friday at local time midnight. This means that as soon as your country will reach midnight, you will be able to download and stream Chromatica. View full article
  18. Lady Gaga Now is teaming up with Ariana Grande Today and the biggest accounts from both fan bases for a joint streaming effort for Gaga & Ariana's stellar new collaboration, Rain On Me. The streaming party will take place today, May 23, 6 PM ET / 3 PM PT through a special playlist created by Ariana Grande Today, linked below: http://smarturl.it/ROMStreamingParty The worldwide times can be found below: https://t.co/wY2PU0GOBz?amp=1 Don't forget to stream the song until then, see you tonight!
  19. Graham Norton Show official website has just announced that Lady Gaga will appear on the digital version of the show next Friday, May 29. Lady Gaga will be interviewed on the show via webcam to promote her new album Chromatica that will come out on the same day. View full article
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