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  1. Hi! I love Alice and decided to make a music video in The Sims 4 I hope you will enjoy it
  2. Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/barbie.destroy/?hl=fr
  3. Hello dear Chromaticans. I would like to present you GAGAFLIX. It is a fully LADY GAGA dedicated streaming platform and it's completely FREE. Probably you are wondering if its legal or if it takes views from the original videos. NO, it doesn't. GAGAFLIX is directly connected to YouTube and Vimeo, so it will not remove any views from the original videos. See it as a big Gaga gallery, where you can find Interviews, live performances, music videos, speeches, commercials, behind the scenes, and much more. Contact us on Twitter or Instagram or on our YouTube Channel. Also, if you don't have an Apple Music subscription, that's not a problem. Make sure to set a reminder for our exclusive live broadcast of GAGARADIO episode 2 here!!
  4. ✿ Welcome and greetings to everyone interested in me posting sporadically about my fan art and stuff. ✿ I'm a self-taught graphic designer with no will to live and no f*cks to give. Graphic design has been my niche for as long as I can remember. One of the few thing I've managed to keep myself interested in and not eventually give up on. My handle on instagram is @ladyofthedame for anyone interested in following me there :P Here's my latest artwork as well as some other things I've done:
  5. Hey, Monsters! In light of the recent #WeLoveYouGaga that was going around Twitter and Instagram, a Twitter and Instagram user by the name of @\Iamdomking, who also owns the Twitter and Instagram accounts that are both called @\gagaflix, created a video project called "The #WeLoveYouGaga Project" and posted it on Twitter, Instagram and their website www.gagaflix.wixsite.com/gagaflix. Before the project was created, the creator of the project asked fans to send in short video messages or photo messages that explained why they love Gaga. Here's how you can see the video on Twitter: You can discuss your thoughts below 😊💖
  6. FULL VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c27aE0uM0kM Hi guys!!! Been wanting to jump on the Monsteroftheweek and finally gathered enough confidence to do this. I made a Chromatica medley with a friend and we kinda went all out on it cause this era is too amazing, so hope you enjoy!!! All done in our living room IGTV version (with bigger lyrics) 1000 Doves Ending Mashup Snippet
  7. It's hard to express my appreciation on this Era's art direction. It is so stunning. Creating these drawings is actually such a big challenge for me, because theere're so much detail to work on, but I had so much fun working on them. And since I haven't posted much here, I decided to put it together here: Let's start with Stupid Love My drawing for her Birthday PAPER Magazine The album cover A promo shot in an outfit by Augusto Manzanares Rain on Me video Another look in Laurel DeWitt with the ICONIC Claws from Gary Fay and the latest one in an outfit by Thai designer Sour Candy video that I worked with my friends as a submission for the Chromatica Thailand Live Event I hope you guys like it!
  8. Lady Gaga - Chromatica (iTunes LP) To celebrate the release of Lady Gaga's new album "Chromatica" I have made an iTunes LP in honor of her great music and style. You can download now... Take a look at my instagram @mark_m_designs!! Enjoy it!! UPDATE: 31/07/2020 Download now : https://mega.nz/file/rMgjWCDB#GHFOZpM8SfI5XRgGQMbP6raIQyklh0hirLYRgqNG1tA Follow me!!! @mark_m_designs // Instagram @MarkMDesigns1 // Twitter
  9. Make sure you vote for the Gaga & Ari at the VMAs💓 edit by me, hope you like it 😊
  10. https://photos.app.goo.gl/buK3f7mqRdhYbyWA9
  11. Hey Monsters, I made this “Alice” edit a while ago, you can check it out on my IG: @/biggestlittlemonster xoxo
  12. Hi! This is my first LGN post. Some of you may know me as Quasi from GagaDaily. Here is my contest submission: Hope you guys enjoy it! But I have a problem and want to ask you guys for some help or guidance. I originally posted my submission hours before the deadline but then deleted and reuploaded the tweet when I realized that something was edited wrong in my picture. Granted, all this was done before the submission deadline. But now once I look up the hashtags, I can't find my tweet even though it's public and not protected. I have a feeling Twitter thought my second tweet was spam since it was identical to the previous deleted one, just with a different updated file attached. I was scared that Adobe would not be able to find my entry as a result, and this was only confirmed when I couldn't find my submission on their official contest page after scrolling endlessly through all the artworks. I dm'ed Adobe, Live Nation, posted in the Adobe community support forum, called Adobe customer service, tweeted them to help etc. I feel like I've exhausted my resources. If anyone has any other possible directions they could point me in to try and resolve this issue that would be great. If you guys could also search on twitter using the hashtags #LadyGagaxAdobe #contest @creativecloud and see if my tweet is visible and let me know that would be great! I posted the tweet around 11 PDT so roughly 29 hours ago. I'm really sorry to come off as panicked and bothersome but I spent so much time on this piece and I would really love to know that at least my artwork was considered in the competition even if I don't win anything. Thanks again guys.
  13. A few weeks ago, I went to the "Chromatica Thailand Live Event" hosted by Universal Music Thailand, where they premiered a special music video "Chromatica Megamix Thailand All Star", the video featured Shade of Gaga is a very cool outfit designed by Tee Phasux (Thai Designer). The first time I saw this outfit, I told myself "I have to draw this look", and I did. Here's the drawing of Gaga in that look with new heels and wings in the back designed by me based on the outfit material ⚔️ Actually, working on this one reminds me of all the old memories from the Born This Way Ball in Bangkok back in 2012 where she took Chada (the Thai Headpiece) from Shade of Gaga before she starts singing Hair to my project "Fashion! Lyric Video" I hope you guys like it! Link for the drawing video on TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@championfilm1996/video/6851880719074004226
  14. Hello everyone! I saw so many good artworks for this amazing contest and I'd love to make a thread on Twitter to share them and give all talented little monsters the visibility they deserve. Link below your artworks with your instagram and instagram handle. I'll share them tomorrow
  15. It was so nice sharing my and my friend Fitz Wu's Stupid Love illustration with you all last month and you were all so kind and supportive! So I'm excited to share our new Chromatica illustration with you all! Chromatica Illustration By Jay Elizondo (me) and Fitz Wu Detail Detail Detail Detail Detail Chromatica Illustration (Version 1) By Jay Elizondo (me) and Fitz Wu I also made a merch concept and would love to know if anyone would be interested in ordering merch if I found a merchant? Front: Back: Thank you for letting me share this with you!
  16. Hi guys, my name it's Jose Angel and I recently joined this forum cause, as you might guess, I LOVE Gaga so much and I want to share with all of you everything I've create inspired in her career. Also, I'm selling some of those artwork in displate.com in case you would like to help me by buying one or by sharing this with your friends. So... I'll let you the link to my displate and Instagram gallery so you can check out my work. Displate gallery: https://displate.com/joseangells Instagram gallery: https://www.instagram.com/joseangells/?hl=en
  17. Here is my submission for the contest! Wanted to share to see what everyone thinks Link to original post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCwf2mtg_YI/?igshid=j8btzyukuaa8
  18. Hey guys! I just posted my lyric video for Enigma on my YouTube channel. I'm in mad love with this song, and it currently holds up to my top 1 track on the album 😊 I tried to visualize the color schemes of the tribes and "chromatics" of the symbols in the video. Hope you guys like it, likes & subs would be very much appreciated 💕
  19. Yesterday, Universal Music Thailand hosted the Chromatica Thailand Live Event in Bangkok at Fake Club The Next Gen. Me and my friends created this video together as a submission for the Sour Candy Lip-sync Contest. The footage in this video were shot separately from our houses, and edited by me. This video featured my illustrations in animation as well. We only had 3 days to finish this video, and I know that it's not perfect, but I still hope you guys like it and hoping that this video can entertain you all during this pandemic. Stay safe guys! Paws UP!
  20. as my boyfriend is a DJ and music producer, i asked him to make me a set of chromatica's album as i am a lover of circuit-house music, he made such an amazing production. ❤️ i wanna share it with you all , hope u like it! please follow my bae on soundcloud greetings from MEXICO!
  21. Stupid Love Illustration (Version 1) By Jay Elizondo (me) and Fitz Wu Stupid Love Illustration (Version 2) By Jay Elizondo (me) and Fitz Wu Detail Detail Detail Detail (spot the tribe symbols on the locks) Chromatica album cover coming soon!
  22. I've been creating concept art inspired on Planet Chromatica, hope you guys like it ! 💗⚔️ http://www.instagram.com/michelomar
  23. Hello, everyone! I made a project, being inspired by Born This Way's vinyl boxset. I hope that you will enjoy it! It's really difficult to share a big project, so Twitter thread link was a better descion! Tell we your thoughts here or on Twitter! BE KIND TO EACH OTHER!
  24. Just wanna share my artwork of the Chromatica poster done in colored pencils and white charcoal on black paper! 😊 Also my Rain On Me artwork I did on release day, done in colored pencils 💗
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