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  1. Is anyone else a follower of Ladygaga4pop on Instagram? Curious to hear your thoughts on it. It is on a lower tier compared with other accounts - like ladygaganownet, though this is the only fan/Stan/blah account I’ve seen pivot from Gaga content, into being their own person account. Blah blah love support kindness, though i’m not here for someone riding on the success of an artist and attempt to launch their own career, 7,000 other users also agree - though if you look closely, Russell will either delete comments he doesn’t like, or flat out block the user. If managing the account puts such weight on his mental health, perhaps he should pass the baton if he’s not able to repurpose Gaga content at an acceptable rated.
  2. Hello earthlings, Could you help me to find an interview/tv program/special with Gaga I saw years ago? I think it was during or before BTW era, Gaga and this guy were on a gorgeous and white (if I remember correctly) penthouse. They would talk near to the fireplace and a certain moment they went upstairs to the rooftop at night. I've been wanting to watch it again or at least know where it's from for years... Does anyone know what I'm talking about? My best regards to you all 💜
  3. Whats your fav Gaga album? Mine are Born This Way and ARTPOP but I also love TF/M joanne? I like ha too but yeah, discuss
  4. Title ❤️ I know they had beef in the past, but they made up and M.I.A. is such an amazing artist if you dont know her, here are some of her tracks (a few, she has 5 albums and is currently working on a 6th one, like gaga): I LOVE this one (MATANGI) i also love POWA she is currently working on new music, you can follow the journey via her Patreon feel free to discuss any M.I.A. and Gaga related stuff in this thread 💖
  6. Which song demos did you like more than the album versions? I personally liked the "Look at them dirty rich girls" part of the Beautiful, Dirty, Rich demo and I wish it made it it.
  7. Hi y’all! This is so exciting and thanks to the moderators & the Admin for a perfect site💗
  8. I've read somewhere on twitter that the album will release at midnight? Or album will be release like Rain On Me? I'm confusion
  9. Lady Gaga has finally returned with a commercial pop era and has already taken her first step securing her top #5 solo. As many know, the hot 100 among other billboard charts are from the United States, so to help gaga in the biggest phonographic market in the world you need to buy as if you were a resident of the United States. How to do this? Just follow the tutorial below, which has worked with several fanbases that put albums at #1 on Charts years after the release - of course, you can buy singles and anything. Tutorial: how fans living outside the United States can buy on Gaga's official site and make that purchase count for the Billboard Hot 100: Tutorial: how fans living outside the United States can buy on iTunes USA Should I stream or buy music? Both streams and pure sales are important and you can do both. Pure sales is just an easier way for you to help music performance. Streams can only hold a song in a good position on the chart only if they have a very large accumulation per week and honestly, only rappers can do that. Remember that these are the variables that make up the hot 100: 1- Radios - highest score 2- Pure sales - second highest score 3- Paid streams - third highest score For those who live in the united states: in addition to iTunes you can buy on amazon music, google play or even on her website multiple times (purchase separately) IT REALLY WORKS ON ITUNES? Yes it works! but you need to buy the USA gift card. I just bought chromatica in pre-order and Britney Spears' Glory and worked perfectly. This is the method that ww fans are using to put “JusticeFor" on US iTunes. BTS worldwide fans use this method to buy "ON" - best debut of the year on digital songs so far. On iTunes you will probably be able to buy two versions: "Rain on Me - Single version" and "Rain on me - album version". IT REALLY WORKS ON SITE STORE? Yes, for sure! Barbz with "Say So" bundles and more recently Arianators with "SWU" bundles, everyone used this method on iTunes USA and Site Merch. This method is just not very popular in our fanbase yet. If you are going to buy more than once, make a separate purchase so that all copies count. Never buy more than one digital sales in the same purchase or more than one merch (which comes with digital sale) together. Always separately for each digital sale to count. Dont forget to redeem the code. To have "Rain On Me" at #1 focus on pure sales, this is the most effective way that fans can help. Remember that the last #1s on the billboard reached the top by the number of PURE SALES.
  10. Just wanted to make a list of Rare Gaga performances (singing songs she wrote and rarely sings/unreleased songs) If I'm missing anything let me know! I know there's more from her pre-Gaga Stefani days but I'm talking about Fame-era or after. Gaga performing an excerpt of her unreleased song "Sexy Ugly" at Glastonbury 2009 - https://youtu.be/d1GPP8RPDu8?t=1644 *Gaga performing excerpts from her unreleased song "Brooklyn Nights" at ArtRave 2014 https://youtu.be/ODNuJayei8E?t=43 *Gaga performing her unreleased song "Stuck on Fuckin' You" at the Born This Way Ball 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UppZMDjKePU *Gaga performing her unreleased song "Cake Like Lady Gaga" at ArtRave 2013 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5CMnkDF6uU *Gaga performing her unreleased song "Livin' on the Radio" at The Monster Ball 2010 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZVEV8gVXH8 *Gaga performing an excerpt from her B-Side track "Again, Again" in 2006 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkNyVurzJbY *Gaga performing her unreleased song "Wonderful" in 2006 https://youtu.be/K40_7HKYxYQ?t=34 *Gaga performing her unreleased song "Princess Die" at the Born This Way Ball 2012 https://youtu.be/EWGnPnvSNI4?t=57 *Gaga performing her song "Sinner's Prayer" at the Joanne Dive Bar Tour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTSSHGINb2s *Gaga performing her B-Side track "Grigio Girls" at the Joanne World Tour in 2017 https://youtu.be/IGKA6omX2YY?t=70 *Gaga performing her B-Side track "Just Another Day" at the Joanne World Tour in 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGtmVX2dfHA *Gaga performing her song "Starstruck" on her The Fame promotional tour in 2008 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dliwfDpMiQ *Gaga performing her unreleased song "Fooled Me Again (Honest Eyes)" for a radio station in 2009 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tioeYi6SVNM *Gaga performing an excerpt from her B-Side track "Disco Heaven" at Lollapalooza 2007 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRoWLLYj2Fo *Gaga performing an excerpt from her song "Summerboy" at Lollapalooza in 2007 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiSldW_aZ68
  11. Each Gaga album has plenty of amazing tracks. But sometimes, the ones we feel should be the singles, don't end up getting the single treatment. So, if you could go back in time and make Gaga release ONE extra single from one of her albums (doesn't matter if it's the lead, second, third, or last), which song would it be? ................ Personally, I would choose Gypsy. I would've loved to see it as the fourth and final single from ARTPOP, maybe with a video/radio release in May/June 2014. I feel with the correct promotion, it could've been one of the top songs that summer. It was a fan-favourite, and one of the most radio friendly songs on that album. Plus, it just gives off such a nice feeling when you listen to it.
  12. Unofficial, official.... I don't care which. I have so many favorites but here's a few of my top: https://soundcloud.com/bielitos1337/lady-gaga-paparazzi-alximo https://soundcloud.com/marty_mclean/judasextended https://soundcloud.com/lucastulens/lady-gaga-dance-in-the-darkcustom-brit-version https://soundcloud.com/pajamapanda/lady-gaga-joanne-where-do-you-think-youre-goinlofi-hip-hop-remix https://soundcloud.com/hausfevermonster/lady-gaga-bloody-mary-orchestral-version-with-vocals https://soundcloud.com/rahrahbitchaudios/heavy-metal-lover-roman-stone https://soundcloud.com/rahrahbitchaudios/judas-derp-mix-roman-stone https://soundcloud.com/viiixivxcv/lady-gaga-diamond-heart-tlor-remix https://soundcloud.com/ladygaga/million-reasons-andrelli-remix https://soundcloud.com/ladygaga/judas-hurts-remix https://soundcloud.com/ladygaga/lovegame-chew-fu-ghettohouse https://soundcloud.com/ladygaga/applause-purity-ring-remix https://soundcloud.com/ladygaga/applause-dj-white-shadow-trap https://soundcloud.com/phantom665/lady-gaga-bloody-mary-phantom-remix https://soundcloud.com/dj-mati-santa-cruz/just-dance-remix-lady-gaga https://soundcloud.com/crapface/crapface-gaga https://soundcloud.com/deathclub7/lady-gaga-diamond-heart-death-club-7-remix
  13. i saw this on twitter from @joeymonda gaga fans: i dont understand why she doesnt interact with us anymore 🙁 also gaga fans: *refers to Joanne as "dead aunt album" my thoughts: the people who did that are disgustingly horrible, yes, it was for her dead aunt but it was a very soft spot for her and that album has a lot of value to her, so for the people who think this way, for yall to be like "her worst album" are NOT real little monsters and can cancel yourself because if you loved Gaga, then you would love all of her music and have an actual connection with her. personally, Joanne is the first album i fell in love with by Gaga and it was also the first album i decided to listen to start getting into Gaga. yall are uncultured, picky non-little monsters. i said what i said.
  14. Hello, everyone! This is my first post, and that’s pretty exciting. I am a senior level graphic designer who has always enjoyed pop culture design. I’m currently gagging over the Chromatica aesthetic with its references to 70’s and 90’s design trends, while making it feel current. What are y’all’s thoughts on the colors, the typography, the promo art? There’s even some visual callbacks to The Dark Crystal, Power Rangers and more! It’s a beautiful world that I can’t wait to dive deeper into.
  15. Hello everyone! I'm thrilled to announce that our forum is finally coming to our LGN mobile App. This week I'll give you the opportunity to download the beta version of our app directly to your iPhone and test our forum before the iOS open beta on MAY 28TH. Me and my team of developers are working hard on our website and app to deliver to you a community like never before, but it doesn't mean we're perfect. In this beta version you might experience bugs and unexpected behaviors, and that's why we need you to test the app as hard as you can everyday and report below your experience with bugs and feedbacks. Your contribution will allow us to bring all features to Android and the rest of the world as soon as possible, and once everything is settled we count on showing the app to Gaga herself, showing her the kind and peaceful community we are. Suggestions are always welcome, even though we're aware that many features are not available yet. To join the beta just start commenting on any topics in this forum, I'll be picking users everyday to DM you a special link to download our app. We hope you'll have fun and appreciate the hard work made for you guys. Love you, LGN.
  16. What unreleased Gaga song is yalls favorite? personally, mines glitter and Grease
  17. If I had to choose, it would be like this: The Fame (wouldn't change at all) - Just Dance - Poker Face - LoveGame - Paparazzi The Fame Monster - Bad Romance - Telephone - Dance in The Dark - Alejandro Born This Way - Marry The Night - Born This Way - Scheisse - Electric Chapel ARTPOP - Aura - VENUS - ARTPOP - G.U.Y. Joanne - Diamond Heart - John Wayne - Dancin' in Circles - Angel Down
  18. Personally, my favorite would have to be her 2009 MMVA performance. It introduced her to not only the performing world, but showing she's phenomenal at it too. What are your favorite performances from her?
  19. Where is Trigger, Gracie and Sandy? Where is Asia? Gaga used to post so many pictures of her dog
  20. Little monsters who've met Gaga like the experience was. Tell us about it.
  21. on seatgeek.com, 5 new Chromatica Ball dates were added but 4 were quickly took down, while the last one is currently being synthetically monitored (means that they're testing that the site works then tickets are released) The 5 new places are Los Angeles, Arizona, Mexico City, Seattle and Rio the only date up right now is Arizona on friday, October 8 multiple insiders like MindTrappa have also said that Chromatica Ball is a stadium world tour with over 25+ dates planned already
  22. What do you guys think about doing a justice for applause (or ARTPOP)? was her only lead that didn't reach #1on iTunes US. I think the fanbase would be happy and especially her, to realize that most of her fans still care about her! well, if other smaller fanbases have succeeded, I think we can do it in this quarantine the fanbase is bored and thirsty, I think it would be something cool
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