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    About Me

    Found 41 results

    1. Hey Guys! Here you can discuss all the LG6 related rumors! Share everything you find with the people over here! (No links to leaks please!) When will LG6 be released? What will be the album title? Will Stupid Love be the lead? Discuss!
    2. If I had to choose, it would be like this: The Fame (wouldn't change at all) - Just Dance - Poker Face - LoveGame - Paparazzi The Fame Monster - Bad Romance - Telephone - Dance in The Dark - Alejandro Born This Way - Marry The Night - Born This Way - Scheisse - Electric Chapel ARTPOP - Aura - VENUS - ARTPOP - G.U.Y. Joanne - Diamond Heart - John Wayne - Dancin' in Circles - Angel Down
    3. Each Gaga album has plenty of amazing tracks. But sometimes, the ones we feel should be the singles, don't end up getting the single treatment. So, if you could go back in time and make Gaga release ONE extra single from one of her albums (doesn't matter if it's the lead, second, third, or last), which song would it be? ................ Personally, I would choose Gypsy. I would've loved to see it as the fourth and final single from ARTPOP, maybe with a video/radio release in May/June 2014. I feel with the correct promotion, it could've been one of the top songs that summer. It was a fan-favourite, and one of the most radio friendly songs on that album. Plus, it just gives off such a nice feeling when you listen to it.
    4. So Enigma is on break right now until April 30th, most likely because of LG6. I feel like this actually gives us a good timeframe of when to expect everything as she will most likely release the entire album before she returns, but I digress. Do you think that she will change Enigma at all after LG6 comes out. Like obv she will most likely add some songs at least, but do you think maybe more? Think about it, what if she performed Enigma at SSN as a way of recording the original version before changing it post-lg6 ok discuss
    5. Hej! Detta är en off-topic diskussion på de Skandinaviska språken!;p @freemymindARTPOP hej!
    6. Personally, my favorite would have to be her 2009 MMVA performance. It introduced her to not only the performing world, but showing she's phenomenal at it too. What are your favorite performances from her?
    7. Title ❤️ I know they had beef in the past, but they made up and M.I.A. is such an amazing artist if you dont know her, here are some of her tracks (a few, she has 5 albums and is currently working on a 6th one, like gaga): I LOVE this one (MATANGI) i also love POWA she is currently working on new music, you can follow the journey via her Patreon feel free to discuss any M.I.A. and Gaga related stuff in this thread 💖
    8. Unofficial, official.... I don't care which. I have so many favorites but here's a few of my top: https://soundcloud.com/bielitos1337/lady-gaga-paparazzi-alximo https://soundcloud.com/marty_mclean/judasextended https://soundcloud.com/lucastulens/lady-gaga-dance-in-the-darkcustom-brit-version https://soundcloud.com/pajamapanda/lady-gaga-joanne-where-do-you-think-youre-goinlofi-hip-hop-remix https://soundcloud.com/hausfevermonster/lady-gaga-bloody-mary-orchestral-version-with-vocals https://soundcloud.com/rahrahbitchaudios/heavy-metal-lover-roman-stone https://soundcloud.com/rahrahbitchaudios/judas-derp-mix-roman-stone https://soundcloud.com/viiixivxcv/lady-gaga-diamond-heart-tlor-remix https://soundcloud.com/ladygaga/million-reasons-andrelli-remix https://soundcloud.com/ladygaga/judas-hurts-remix https://soundcloud.com/ladygaga/lovegame-chew-fu-ghettohouse https://soundcloud.com/ladygaga/applause-purity-ring-remix https://soundcloud.com/ladygaga/applause-dj-white-shadow-trap https://soundcloud.com/phantom665/lady-gaga-bloody-mary-phantom-remix https://soundcloud.com/dj-mati-santa-cruz/just-dance-remix-lady-gaga https://soundcloud.com/crapface/crapface-gaga https://soundcloud.com/deathclub7/lady-gaga-diamond-heart-death-club-7-remix
    9. What unreleased Gaga song is yalls favorite? personally, mines glitter and Grease
    10. Guys, what do you think is the best album shoot and single cover of Gaga? ME: The Fame Monster and Dance In The Dark, so iconic.
    11. So it’s not only Gaga but what do you guys think about my fanart? would love to get respond 💓
    12. Boys, Boys, Boys (Mötley Cruë - Girls, Girls, Girls) Fancy Pants (David Bowie - Fame) Dance In The Dark (George Micheal - Careless Whisper) Alejandro (ABBA - Fernando, Ace of Base - Don't Turn Around) Marry The Night (Whitney Houston - Queen of The Night, Irene Cara - What A Feelin and Corona - Rhythm Of The Night) Born This Way (Queen - I Want To Break Free and Madonna - Express Yourself) Bad Kids (Micheal Jackson - They Don't Care About Us) Fashion Of His Love (Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody) Scheiße (Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody) Venus (Kathy McCarthy - Rocketship) Fashion! (David Bowie - Let's Dance) Do What U Want ( Michael Jackson - Scream feat. Janet Jackson and Madonna - Human Nature) Partynauseous (Karma - Every Time You Leave [Age Pee Remix]) Hey Girl (Elton John - Bennie and The Jets) Perfect Illusion (Tina Turner - What's Love Got to Do With It?) Joanne (Fleetwood Mac - Landslide)
    13. Hi y’all! This is so exciting and thanks to the moderators & the Admin for a perfect site💗
    14. Do you guys know about the original concept of ARTPOP? Like some ideas she spilled etc. I'm personally thinking about the feeling that I got from the album, era, candids and photos, that I got from the era. I feel like the album was gonna be way more explicit, talking of celebrity life. We know she was hanging out with Donatella at that time. Or like the lyrics of the MANiCURE demo: I want expensive things including diamond ringsAnd travel overseas (cuz I)Have sex with celebrities (nice try)Of the rich and pretty life (cha-ching!)Make the money, lookin' right (bling, bling)Of the rich and pretty life (oh, share)Makin' bank as pop's wife (I quit) I would have LOVED to see more of this celebrity disney princess high gaga. I feel like she could've made me feel like a celebrity too
    15. I don't know if this kind of thread has been made already or not, but where on earth is gaga?? She's just dropped a lead single, music video and announced an album and a tour and we haven't even seen her. Where is she? I know she's working hard at the moment, totally understand and respect that. But for this era to work, she should do at least a few performances and interviews. She can't just do all this and disappear. Katy Perry dropped her song last week and she's come to Australia, done two or so performances, while pregnant and one had choreography and all that.. I don't know it just seems kind of weird to me. What are your thoughts?
    16. Does anyone know where this photo is from and if there are any in better quality? I know it was during the ASIB promo era but I couldn't find anything else about it. I just love her in that dress!
    17. Hey guys! What's up! Anyone know what is the Enigma poster font? I know, I need to add a distortion on the words, but anyone knows any similar font, please?
    18. So, Mr. S said to save the date 3/2... and Amazon Music just posted this it could mean 4 days for the 3 suits... which is 3/2
    19. So Enigma is scheduled up until May at the moment. Do you think think that we will get a tour with this album? I know Gaga said she wants to do Enigma or at least the residency in Vegas more, but I just really want her to tour lol. Enigma is pretty expensive and not everyone can make it out to Las Vegas. If she were to tour, more of her monsters will hear bops from LG6 at a cheaper price. If she were to tour it would most likely be 6-10 months after the album comes out, at least that is the precedent she has set with her last few albums. I know we saw some rumors in January that she would announce a tour along with the album, but those same rumors said Stupid Love was out February 7th, so I kind of question their validity. So my question is... Do you think we will get a tour? If so, when? Would we get an announcement soon? Thanks!
    20. Kids nowadays don't know who gaga is. Kids are into these rn:
    21. Are they still working on it, or are they avoiding a possible shitstorm caused by not having enough shades? Thoughts?