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    About Me

    Found 34 results

    1. With which artists could/should Gaga collaborate in the future? On LG6 for example. I would love a Sia feature: Both are great songwriters, with every different voices/sing-style, but have a simular ability to deliver emotions in there vocals. A ballad would be nice, but i see more potential in a upbeat-track with kinda "sad" lyrics (like for example perfect illusion). Maybe a wierd combination: Gaga feat. Slipknot. I mean Gaga likes Metal. I my mind is for example a heavier version of goverment hooker. + It could trigger these "everything is satanic"-people
    2. Hi y’all! This is so exciting and thanks to the moderators & the Admin for a perfect site💗
    3. A reliable source who has been confirmed with so many releases with other artists has just revealed the date for single release. What do you think?,
    4. okay so i was sat in my bedroom crying in a dark corner when i had a thought what if the viral Shallow lady was set up by interscope on purpose to make gaga viral because they're about to kick off the LG6 era?you know how they boost the radio play for artists about to release? i mean, where did the video even come from? it looks like it came from some youtuber or creator who goes up to people and uploads compilations but i'm yet to see a source... like what are the odds of bumping into a really well trained vocalist like that? that's lit rally her job
    5. Does anyone know where this photo is from and if there are any in better quality? I know it was during the ASIB promo era but I couldn't find anything else about it. I just love her in that dress!
    6. Hej! Detta är en off-topic diskussion på de Skandinaviska språken!;p @freemymindARTPOP hej!
    7. Hey guys! What's up! Anyone know what is the Enigma poster font? I know, I need to add a distortion on the words, but anyone knows any similar font, please?
    8. Hey everyone! I have collected some of Gagas original costumes and outfits over the years and was wondering if anyone else out there has any cool Lady Gaga memorabilia like signed things or stuff she wore! I hope we can connect!
    9. in ARTPOP we hear + the instrumental than Gaga's voice, will we have a rereading?
    10. Personally, my favorite would have to be her 2009 MMVA performance. It introduced her to not only the performing world, but showing she's phenomenal at it too. What are your favorite performances from her?
    11. who do you blame for the postponement? Gaga's team or her label?
    12. the I C O N I C perfume released by Haus Laboratories in 2012, which sold over 1.5 BILLION in sales, is now discontinued and COTY has no plans to bring it back (I emailed them lol) We need to find a way to make this happen or make the Haus notice us. Remember how we made "Tara Savelo Is Our Fanta Queen" trending worldwide on twitter? lets make "Bring Fame Back" worldwide trending on Twitter
    13. They're already so cute together! Happy for her! I wonder what they bought lmao
    14. Each Gaga album has plenty of amazing tracks. But sometimes, the ones we feel should be the singles, don't end up getting the single treatment. So, if you could go back in time and make Gaga release ONE extra single from one of her albums (doesn't matter if it's the lead, second, third, or last), which song would it be? ................ Personally, I would choose Gypsy. I would've loved to see it as the fourth and final single from ARTPOP, maybe with a video/radio release in May/June 2014. I feel with the correct promotion, it could've been one of the top songs that summer. It was a fan-favourite, and one of the most radio friendly songs on that album. Plus, it just gives off such a nice feeling when you listen to it.
    15. Unofficial, official.... I don't care which. I have so many favorites but here's a few of my top: https://soundcloud.com/bielitos1337/lady-gaga-paparazzi-alximo https://soundcloud.com/marty_mclean/judasextended https://soundcloud.com/lucastulens/lady-gaga-dance-in-the-darkcustom-brit-version https://soundcloud.com/pajamapanda/lady-gaga-joanne-where-do-you-think-youre-goinlofi-hip-hop-remix https://soundcloud.com/hausfevermonster/lady-gaga-bloody-mary-orchestral-version-with-vocals https://soundcloud.com/rahrahbitchaudios/heavy-metal-lover-roman-stone https://soundcloud.com/rahrahbitchaudios/judas-derp-mix-roman-stone https://soundcloud.com/viiixivxcv/lady-gaga-diamond-heart-tlor-remix https://soundcloud.com/ladygaga/million-reasons-andrelli-remix https://soundcloud.com/ladygaga/judas-hurts-remix https://soundcloud.com/ladygaga/lovegame-chew-fu-ghettohouse https://soundcloud.com/ladygaga/applause-purity-ring-remix https://soundcloud.com/ladygaga/applause-dj-white-shadow-trap https://soundcloud.com/phantom665/lady-gaga-bloody-mary-phantom-remix https://soundcloud.com/dj-mati-santa-cruz/just-dance-remix-lady-gaga https://soundcloud.com/crapface/crapface-gaga https://soundcloud.com/deathclub7/lady-gaga-diamond-heart-death-club-7-remix
    16. Any Gaga songs you skip? If so, why?
    17. Are they still working on it, or are they avoiding a possible shitstorm caused by not having enough shades? Thoughts?
    18. If I had to choose, it would be like this: The Fame (wouldn't change at all) - Just Dance - Poker Face - LoveGame - Paparazzi The Fame Monster - Bad Romance - Telephone - Dance in The Dark - Alejandro Born This Way - Marry The Night - Born This Way - Scheisse - Electric Chapel ARTPOP - Aura - VENUS - ARTPOP - G.U.Y. Joanne - Diamond Heart - John Wayne - Dancin' in Circles - Angel Down
    19. just a love thread for these iconic boots😌 @nicola and @mugler if you’re ever feeling generous, please make me a pair of these, thanks😌
    20. me: Carpool Karaoke Victoria's Secret (if it has a new one this year) AMAs VMAs (With a Album Medley after she gets the Vanguard later this year) EMAs AMAs Ellen Show Tonight Show Saturday Night Live and i think that's it, i want a good promotion for this record, it's what we deserve after waiting 4 years for it
    21. So what are your 3 (Gaga related) wishes?