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    Our team at LadyGagaNow is proud to introduce to you the newest feature of our website the Leak Reporting Tool.

    We have been working closely with The Haus over the years to report any serious leaks, so they can act immediately and remove the content from the web as soon as possible. As you may know, we at LGN love a good tease once in a while, but are committed to the safety and protection of Lady Gaga’s artistic property.

    Please use the form below to send an anonymous leak report for our team to determine legibility and then pass along to the appropriate party of Gaga’s team.

    All you need to do is LOGIN , fill in a title, select a leak type (audio, visual, photo) and provide a short description of suspected leak. You must also add an attachment or link of the suspected leak, and always provide the first source to share it.

    All reports are private, no one will be able to see it after you submit.

    Please do not send links to songs that have been leaked for more than two hours. This tool is to report sources not Twitter links.

    UPDATE MAY 28: Lady Gaga's Team is aware of CHROMATIOCA LEAKING, there is no need to send more links about it. Thank you very much for your support. And enjoy the album when it's out!

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