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  1. Brooklyn Nights of course 💜 Freakshow also holds a special place in my heart, tho.
  2. Hello earthlings, Could you help me to find an interview/tv program/special with Gaga I saw years ago? I think it was during or before BTW era, Gaga and this guy were on a gorgeous and white (if I remember correctly) penthouse. They would talk near to the fireplace and a certain moment they went upstairs to the rooftop at night. I've been wanting to watch it again or at least know where it's from for years... Does anyone know what I'm talking about? My best regards to you all 💜
  3. It screams Vogue for me and I love it! I see it as an homage to Madonna and a celebration of them finally setting things right 💗
  4. I’m loving that this artwork is being used as the cover of the physical copies, we won getting the two of them available!
  5. Are they already available on WhatsApp? I want to use them so bad!! 💜
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