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  1. I'm a HUGE fan of the Kingsman films & Taron Egerton is a literal babe!
  2. I've just followed you on instagram, omg your Rocketman piece I'm in love
  3. Ahhh!! I would love to buy from you when you can ship internationally.
  4. You have huge talent! Do you sell your pieces?
  5. This is stunning, are you going to do an Ariana one to accompany? 🙂
  6. It's nothing Gaga hasn't had to deal with before. I think her current actions speak louder than words for what she stands for and believes in. Don't worry about it, this is for her PR team to sort if it gets out of hand!
  7. Idk why but this definitely rings bells... It wasn't Perez Hilton she was with was it? 👀 This is the interview/show I'm thinking of.
  8. Please tell me you are entering this to Gaga's competition 🙏
  9. Lady Gaga's iconic 'Puke On Gaga' dress sells at Julien's Auction for $5,120, under the estiamate of $6,000-8,000.
  10. She really does look so happy with him, I hope things work out for them. 🥺
  11. The majority of labels are owned by UMG (Universal Music Group) & are only subcategories, Interscope is a subcategory. KonLive is a subcategory for Interscope, so I assume Intercope can't be that bad if she had chosen to stay with them for as long as she has. Then again, the music industry is a shady place and all record labels find a way to bone you.
  12. I really wish she will give us an update on the dates, I have a hotel booked that is quickly diminishing in time for me to cancel if need be. I just can't see the concert going ahead with current regulations in the UK.
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