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  1. Has anybody heard something about the Babylon video with Cardi B? I just read a rumour about it🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  2. I hope it is Babylon! I wish I could be the director for that Music Video, I'm dying for it!!!!!
  3. Have you left your votes for Lady Gaga at the VMAs web site? Don´t forgett to do so!!!
  4. I liked Future Nostalgia, the song I loved the most was Hallucinate... but, is that information real?
  5. Hey, guys! VMAs voting is already open for this year gala and of course we want our Gaga to win as much as she can. So that's why I gently urge you all to vote at VMA.com, and today votes get doubled! So, please, vote for Gaga!
  6. I think it's pretty clear that she had a mental collapse in the video; but the story has been told to us in different times. So first we see her getting into the clinic, after that we see the conversation with her director, the one who fire her by telephone. Later we see her oing into the dance company for the first time and after all of that, in inserted images, the rivenge she took for the director fired her. So, if we put some order into all of that, we get a straight story: She was a good dancer who got into a company and after too much effort, she got fired through the telephone by her director. Then, in a mental colapse, she took revenge for it, making the cars explode, so she finally got into the Mental Health Institution. Thera are so many other clues: the things she says as she is on the stretcher, the other girls attitude in the clinic, the way she reacted at the phone conversation and the images we see at the end of the video, where she is in a bathroom and in some stairs; the song itself... wether all of that are huge clues, I think the bigger one is that Mental Health is a very important topic for Gaga, and maybe she wanted to talk about it in a video. What do you think about all of that?
  7. I hope it is a Music Video. Wish it could be Babylon or Sine From Above! is it, Matt?
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