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  1. If I'm not wrong, there are also instrumentals of ASIB track, and Rain On Me (there's also a rumor that it's lossless)
  2. Chew Fu's LoveGame will always be my favorite remix of all remixes of all artists of all time.
  3. Chromatica hype got me back on LGN 🔥 Edit: Ok I'm having a Mandela effect, didn't the forum existed for like forever? Spooky
  4. Gaga in last Zein interview - "I stopped reading the internet". Think that's of a major impact on her anxiety, I know I would get anxious reading random people, even fans, unfiltered comments about me and my art.
  5. This. Looks like Dana International, or Stefani Germanotta as a successful rock star.
  6. Dance In The Dark is the one that got away.
  7. A nice C2C moment as a single with Michael Bublé
  8. Fooled me again, From the albums I guess it would be Hair.
  9. First Bad Romance, easy. So nostalgic.
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