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  1. Hi everyone! I have a question, maybe a dumb one lol. But i'm really confused about the different vinyl editions and I can't manage to find answers anywhere! So I'd love to know if any one of you know the difference between the Exclusive Transparent Vinyl and the Standard Color Vinyl? Because from I can see on the pics from the store, they pretty much look the same. See, this is supposed to be the "exclusive" transparent vinyl: And this is supposed to be the standard colored one: I know! They look exactly the same! At first I thought the standard one was just white but with a closer look it just seems like the same pic than the clear one but with more contrast making it whiter... So I'm so confused... I'm sourcing all of this from the french store since the US one only sells the transparent one. Besides, all unboxing videos I find are all about the transparent ones and I've only seen the transparent one in stores as well. Does anyone know the difference??
  2. Just sent in my contribution! So so excited to see the final product 🥳 🥰
  3. Should it be 1 video compilation of all reactions or can we send separate reactions?
  4. Is there a specific format we need to respect? (Meaning horizontal, vertical...)
  5. I absolutely love all of the songs even though I’d say at the bottom of the list would stand 1000 doves (it’s still great!). It’s so hard to pick a favorite one but Chromatica III leading into Sine from Above brought me to tears and the ending of Sine from Above wooow! Alice, Enigma, 911 and Fun tonight are incredible as well, but they’re all so goooood! 😭
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