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  1. What do you guys think about the Fortnite promo rumor? Would you like it? Would you play it to see how it turn out to be? I think it makes sense, and it would interesting, but maybe not lmao, idk
  2. yes, I did listened to one of the leaks and it was EVERYTHING, i really loved it... definitely the song I'm most excited about!
  3. I know people usually love BTWBT, but I really think Monster Ball was everything! I would go back in time to have the opportunity to be there.
  4. To me it will always be The Fame Monster! But let's wait for Chromatica, right?
  5. OMG THIS IS MY TOPIC My favorite song ever is Future Love and I've never seen anyone talking about this perfect song! Does anyone love this song too??? Please, I can't be the only one...
  6. I bought the Digital version on iTunes, and also bought the signed CD, and the Cassette! Im really excited!!
  7. Its sooooo goood!! Can't wait!
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