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  1. Hello everyone! If you had to summarize Chromatica in photographs (but also illustrations, design and every types of arts) what would you put? If you like the idea, post it as an answer! Let's recreate the Chromatica mood 💘 I begin by posting two inspirations that recall the chromatic mood for me ✌️
  2. Hi guys! Many people have said that Babylon looks like Madonna's "Vogue" and they are not wrong for me. There are some similarities but the POP industry has always been made up of small involuntary copies. Rather, I would like to know if Babylon doesn't look like Gaga's "Black Jesus" very much to you. Let me know!
  3. I don't have the permission to see it 😞
  4. Hello everyone, designer and not! I'm Nicola, a new member I have seen that many of you are loving the style of Chromatica: can you tell me more? What kind of graphic design is it positioned in? What fonts (or similar) are used? What color palette? There are artist/singer or other that have used the same style? I am very curious about it and I would like to use this style in other work I need your precious help! 🧡 Thanks in advance
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