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  1. Na verdade, não. Estava esperando alguém se manifestar por causa de um comentário anterior.
  2. They look amazing! And the fact that there's both digital and watercolor art says a lot about your talent. 💗
  3. Oi, pessoal. Nao sou muito de falar, mas a quarentena e a noticia da chegada do Chromatica fizeram eu buscar o forum. Estou muito animada! e concordo que deveriamos organizar alguma coisa, uma hashtag, nao sei, para mostrar o amor que temos pela Gaga no Brasil. Shows agora sao um sonho distante, mas nao custa nada sonhar (minha irma me deu um notebook americano e eu nao sei usar acentos nas palavras rs).
  4. I think so. That's the way I prefer listening to new albums anyway. Although I'm really curious about the song with Elton. Hope it's very good.
  5. It's maybe my all time favorite Gaga song. It came as a surprise to me that it doesn't get much love from most fans. It reminds me of my parents' story when they were younger - and the kind of love I'd like to find one day. Also Joanne because the album was released when I was in mourning for someone dear and it gave me strenght. And Shallow because it helped me through my darkest days.
  6. I don't know about the horses, but I remember her posting a photo of Asia on twitter last month, I think. And she still uses the "Miss Asia" handle, so I think she must be ok. At least I hope so.
  7. 1 Joanne 2 The Fame Monster 3 Born This Way
  8. I was sad that the new products were delayed, but it's not like I would get to buy them anyway with all this going on... Hope things can get back to normal soon.
  9. I’m so happy! I just bought the signed copy yesterday. I wanted to buy the target version but I don’t live in the US and I can’t spend that much money again. Does anyone know if that one’s gonna be the only deluxe one? In my country (Brazil) there’s only one version of the album on iTunes, the one with the standard 16 tracks. Is it the same elsewhere? Thanks in advance. 💗
  10. I’ll be downloading it right away. Thanks!
  11. Hello from Brazil, everyone! I’ve been a Gaga fan since 2008 and love/need positivity and kindness, please. 💗
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