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  1. But you all need to realise that the songs have gone threw numerous producers so many demos will surface either pre or post album release.
  2. Could just be a promo single as a sorry for having to postpone.
  3. I follow her on Twitter and she is so negative and toxic she is the only reason why her career unfolded how it did.
  4. He has helped with some of her best looks
  5. This I do feel she wanted to possibly surprise release. But didn't go as planned now for some concrete news
  6. Well in DJWS's recent interview he did mention that ARTPOP was always ment to be an experimentation from the norms of current trends in pop music so it was always ment to stand out. I feel it will be EDM but more polished and mature not to say ARTPOP wasnt.
  7. I mean late last year she was or seemed to be tweeting a couple times how she wanted to be able to release it already and the rules on being a pop star. We have yet to receive an actual announcement so how can this really be "Postponed"
  8. Someone mentioned on GGD she could go the route of lead single drop, as well at the album and SL music vid to kind of make it stand out properly. She has hinted at wanting the next one to be a surprise release. (Well at this point for the GP yes)
  9. That's the date that was hidden behind the password locked door thread. It doesn't specify if it's an announcement or anything is coming that day. Maybe coming out the Wednesday
  10. Yeah I thought it might of been IV's camera but nah doesn't make sense for it to be
  11. Have an idea as someone said it was posted in a past page. Now to backtrack and find it
  12. Door 2 so was the contents of door one unlocked? Or nobody solved it so they just went for another password ?
  13. No I don't think it is. I have an idea, but I just want to get my post count up a little bit first seeing as it's related to Inez and Vinoodh (or err however it's spelled)
  14. That moment when your not at 15 posts....
  15. Hope she announces it soon, media outlets that where usually creditable saying an announcement was coming soon. Going on 2 weeks later.
  16. It's happened before. Mind you she had announced something was coming by then.
  17. Is there any way they'd release sooner now?
  18. Does that mean they might release it sooner than the 20th?
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