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  1. If it's about the vanguard video, maybe they gonna dedicate the whole show to her and she's gonna perform all the songs who have videos?
  2. you have good ideas and great talents Your posters would make amazing wallpapers for my phone lol I love this one a lot 🤩👍
  3. Waou, this is really amazing good job 👍 I like that you add the born this way tattoo
  4. I'm lesbian ! From France 😁🌈
  5. I don't know about those categories but I'm sure she's gonna be nominate amd win some awards 💕
  6. Why not lol " my voice my strength "is a great slogan , and that's something she could do I think especially now . So it's a no 🥺 my brain is overheating So, is it music , chromatica related? Are you gonna tell us if someone found the answer?
  7. is she embarking on a campaign to get people to vote for the new president?
  8. She's gonna do an important speech?
  9. On the same subject, I ask several times but I guess nobody knows, I wonder who is the guy singing on the stupid love remix and on free woman I think too i need to check lol. I'm pretty sure its gims but I really want to know if I'm right, it bothering me
  10. She gonna do chromatica in Vegas instead of enigma ?
  11. Is it about the chromatica tv and the secret code ?
  12. I saw someone said Versace, did she create a clothing line or a fashion show ?
  13. Adeline


    From the album: Chromatica Wallpapers

  14. Adeline

    Lady gaga

    From the album: Joanne Wallpapers

  15. Adeline


    From the album: Joanne Wallpapers

  16. How can anybody can believe she's a racists, seriously 🤣. Even for someone who don't know her , it won't take long to see everything she has done for equality in general 💕
  17. You made the song sound more 80s , if her voice wasn't so clear and modern, anybody could be wrong about the timeline, even more than the original lol I can't help myself to think about pretty woman everytime I listen to that song
  18. I don't speak Spanish so I didn't understand , thank you for telling me she said it's not the proper way to behave. I think she could have just do a spell of kindness or something, lol instead of react like that in the video. But she said that's the way she sees the world , and she's right, we live in a violent world sometimes. I'm glad she explained the meaning behind the video, it's less odd knowing.
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