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  1. I feel bad for you I know how obsessed I can be when I don't find something lol do you remember what she was wearing or talked about or in what country she was ?
  2. I can't help myself visualizing her like a comete or something getting higher and higher through the sky and faster every second on sine from above. It's almost religious, being saved by a sound ,sine, signe, can you imagine, it's so beautiful. The end is weird but it make sense with the goal of the song.
  3. Any clue about that mysterious login?
  4. I don't know if it sound like vogue, maybe .. but it's sound like a song from this period for sure. Some of the songs make me think to something else, that's not new sounds but she makes them her's
  5. Well it's mostly a good summary, the last one is not so good but who cares if she loves her album and us too. Art is too subjective to be analyzed.
  6. First listen .. what to say .. it's excellent !! I smiled, danced and cried. The lyrics broke my heart but you can't help moving your toes at least lol. I had what I call a musical orgasm on Alice, the interludes are magnificent, the sounds are insane, sine from above really made me feel that the music saved her and 1000 doves finished me emotionally. this album is a real success, i stay quiet, i will take the time to put it back and i will start again for fun this time 😁💕
  7. I'm happy to know the inspiration behin the stupid love video, bloodpop seems to be a very adorable person
  8. Maybe we gonna have the password with the album..
  9. Maybe you could try to send an email to gagashop I'm sure they can answer your questions
  10. The french site gagavision post it ! https://gagavision.net/2020/interview-lady-gaga-zane-lowe/ it's not in french lol
  11. I'm so exited ! Finally we gonna hear what she have to say about everything ! I hope it's gonna be a long Interview
  12. The fame : paparazzi , lovegame, disco heaven , poker face The fame monster : bad romance, telephone, teeth, monster Born this way : Mary the night, the edge of glory, sheiße, born this way Artpop : artpop, applause, venus, swine Joanne : diamond heart, a-yo , john Wayne, dancing in circle
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