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  1. Omg it's so good to hear her like this , her laught is so genuine and warming
  2. I don't suppose she can be pregnant because of her weight I don't have the impression she takes weight, but because she's so quiet , no pictures, no videos and she cancelled interviews lol I will be so happy for her 💕
  3. Hello everyone, I don't like rumours but I don't know, do you think she's really pregnant this time? And that's why she's hiding. It would be a good time for her since the chromatica tour was reported to next year and she has nothing really schedule because of the covid. And Micheal seems to be a great guy. What's your thoughts about her having a baby? It would be great 💕
  4. Thank you, it's great for my eyes , I love dark mode 👍 especially with chromatica pink and green colours
  5. Do you know if she's gonna be there ? 🥺
  6. I think she can say whatever she wants but I don't think she would. We don't need to know everything about her personal life all we need to know is if she's happy and healthy 💕
  7. I don't know if you've noticed at the beginning of the video it seems that she has something noted on her chest but in not sure exactly it's hard to see !
  8. I think it's a great summary of the video I think the time line is correct, she said on an interviewed the video is really what happened during a couple of days but it's her way she remembered it, it's her truth, i don't think we will know al the details. It's my favourite video by the way 💕
  9. I'm agreed with you that's why I said In my first comment that it feels inappropriate to talk about this. Mary the night video was clearly an exorcism about her several pain, and what she's been through, we don't have to understand every detail even if we want to , I do want to know, I'm curious , but it's her privacy, if I was her I wouldn't want that people talk about those things
  10. I think she really was hurt physically. I think it was during the oprah vision tour, she said that when she is triggered she feel the same pain that she was feeling because of the assaults.
  11. I think she said one time she was injured by her assaults, I figure the clinic was about that.
  12. I understand the curiosity, I am too but I have the feeling it's inappropriate to talk about this.. she stand by the right of abortion she made that clear last year when it has been forbidden in a state, but I don't know if she would do it because she's a strong catholic. She can do whatever she needs or want tho she's a free woman 💕
  13. I bet for 4 wins,maybe 5. Video of the year, beat collab , best cinematography, best visual effects and maybe best quarantine performance But she deserve to win everything of course 💕 Can you do an alerte for us to not forget to vote every day?
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