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    1. I mean Jeff Koons the photographer? No?
    2. Ha! Aaand this is my 15th post But I haven't figured anything out
    3. I thought the same thing. Has anyone tried Koons?
    4. What does eyes behind ARTPOP even mean
    5. Found it https://twitter.com/jinsofabhooker/status/1226729338311081984?s=19
    6. Wait did he say it's not going to be the 20th bc I don't see that tweet
    7. Well as I said, I don't like it but I understand
    8. Do you guys miss how she used to be so active online? Bc I do 🙁 I mean I understand if she doesn't want to share as much as she did, but some updates/conversation/interaction once in a while would be really nice
    9. I decided not to listen to the leak but I came across the pic by accident. And I can't say I'm in love I know that it's too soon to judge just from that shot though so I'm still excited!
    10. Never been to any of those ☹️ but BTWB was around the time I became a stan so I have the most memories with it. I was unimpressed by Enigma but changed my mind after watching a fancam and seeing the whole stage from afar. Still not a fan of that look though
    11. Wait so I don't have to post in different threads? That's easier but I'll look for other threads as well so I don't spam lol. Might be more fun too
    12. I always wanted a ballad album. Could be new material or a greatest hits type of thing. Like Kylie's Abbie Road Sessions. I LOVE that so much. At some point in her career tho bc I want LG6 now
    13. Now that I have started working I have the coins and am so ready to go see her for the first time. The only thing is who knows when or if she'll ever tour in Japan again