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  1. My goal as an artist, first and foremost, will always be to authentically tell storiesโ€“ giving a voice to those who are often silenced. When my friend Kenzo asked me to help him write this commercial, I agreed without hesitation. Although I may not have lived the trans experience, I know what it feels like to be outcast by friends, to feel uncomfortable in my skin, and to struggle to love myself. It's still a daily battle, but it's one we have to fight every day. The power of makeup and fashion is that they can become armor we use to protect ourselves. More importantly, companies like Haus Laboratories, allow us to discover who we are deep down and bring that person to the surface. Who we always were. This message isn't about being pretty, or fitting inโ€“ It's about belonging. As Brenรฉ Brown so astutely puts it, "True belonging is the spiritual practice of believing in and belonging to yourself so deeply that you can share your most authentic self with the world." When you are able to present yourself to the world as you see and love yourself, that love radiates to the people around you. It's a ripple effect. I believe this commercial couldn't come at a more perfect time. We are living in an unprecedented era of fear, confusion, and loss and it's easier to be hard on ourselves and carry the blame for a job loss, not working hard enough, or being lazy. We have to relinquish that negativity and remind ourselves that we are worthy simply because we are. Kindness starts with loving yourself. It really does. When you treat yourself with love and respect, you become a vessel of light that illuminates everyone around you. Whatever it is for youโ€“ a bubble bath, dark chocolate, your favorite outfit, or your Haus Labs glam attack in Rose Bโ€ขtch โ€“ treat yourself with the things that bring you joy, that make you feel like your best self. All we can do right now is take care of ourselves and my hope is that we come out the other side of this more connected, compassionate, and kind to one another. This story belongs to all of us. I hope you are inspired to continue to tell it. In love and kindness, Marc DISCOVER MORE
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