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    1. Well after all if it’s just a cute collab for riri we should be fine
    2. salut les gens j'espère vous aimez les pizzas
    3. I don't like that title, I would like to listen to the song but I'm sure there is a great reason why it got scrapped.
    4. There is a possibility Rihanna is releasing her collab with partynextdoor the same day. Also Justin Timberlake will release a "Trolls movie" song. This will be an interesting tracking week.
    5. It better be! Hopefully there are some ballads on it too...
    6. It’s been 84 years. Finally happening next week!
    7. We know a new era is coming when she’s posting pictures with her man. She’s coming!
    8. Are we ready to track Stupid Love on the charts?
    9. I really hope it's true, after all those cancelled Joanne shows I really want this to happen. Specially knowing the fact they didn't announce new Vegas shows yet and the last one is on May 16 for now. It needs time to sell so? Stadiums = less shows, good for her health European shows during Summer and Enigma in Vegas Fall Winter 2020 please make it happen