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  1. imagine something like music videos, in a very simple way, like it was meant to be ARTPOP app, or even only visual content for the album to make the fans fed
  2. hope its something like gaga vision, but i have no idea what is going to be the content. Also hope she doesnt give up on it at some point in this era
  3. I really want to hear Babylon first but for a full experience i gonnq hear track by track in order
  4. Yes, if she doesnt say nothing about it this week i think it would be hard to believe the album this month I hope you're right and we get even a single this month, because i think a May release would be too much close if theres no news this week Even the remix wasnt released... hard
  5. Hello everyone, in the mid of the night im asking myself if i really need to expect something to come this month but half says that nothing is coming but the other are too much alice and believes it. Do you guys think that we will have something this month or just want it so bad but think that it wont happen ? Sorry if my english is not that good 🙂
  6. Hope the forum will come to the app soon ❤️
  7. Can someone explain me if this post on the top of the topic about atrl rumor is like random or its like a fixed post? Because im very curious about the importance it has but im not very familiar with the forum 👀
  8. i dont know what more to expect, after thursday post i hope something is coming soon but at the same time think that she did that and will only post anything in june if its another thing haus labs related i quit, i cant stand her, jk
  9. when i see a twitter or instagram notification my heart starts running i always its not her oh, hm so still no answer to that post... thank you, matt, hope this week we found out
  10. another night checking chromatica tag on twitter hoping something new and nothing... being gay isnt easy but being little monster is even worse... oh gosh that image of the latest post by gaga with the tear and behind the tracklist, was that the first plan to reveal it or it was just fan made?
  11. that is the "problem", it will take a lot of time to the world get back to normal, porbably near by the end of the year... its really bad we have no idea if only the album was postponed or the whole era is paused until the world get to live normaly again... hope we get answers soon to know what to expect and not expect
  12. hmmmmmmm i hope, i dont know, stupid love wasnt released in the same week that the similar url was created, i believe we are gonna have free woman soon but not this week, i hope im not right hahaha
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