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  1. Curious if the emblem color and the fact that she seems to be hooked up to it means anything about the tribe it relates to? Maybe it's just a generic emblem tho, I'm just guessing.
  2. I mean, I feel kinda fed for the time being, whether the album comes sooner or later. Maybe she'll release another single prior to full release now? Though the release of Stupid Love + its music video and that photo shoot.... whew. I'm excited for Chromatica but I hope she takes all the time she thinks is needed, a perfect album coming off the ASIB era would be continuing a powerful a streak and I'm here for it.
  3. I always thought it was interesting that ARTPOP is seen as Gaga's experimental failure by the general public but among Gaga fans it is the undying favorite for a majority. My sister absolutely adores it but me personally, it never really struck a cord for me. With that being said, Joanne has gotta be my favorite. My favorites of the album being Diamond Heart and John Wayne, most of the songs are perfect for what the album is going for though. Songs like Perfect Illusion and Dancin' in Circles felt manufactured with the sole purpose of making sure the album had a couple pop songs.
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