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  1. Wait so that performance was true? I assumed it was a rumor. Lol
  2. That’s truly awesome! Yay Gaga!
  3. I’m honestly glad the full thing was never released. There was a lot going on behind the scenes we didn’t know at the time I feel like. I think the whole experience negative for Gaga. It might impact her in a very painful way if the video ever leaks. So I hope not honestly. Also with the recent information about R Kelly being a sexual predator that wouldn’t be a good thing honestly if the video were to leak.
  4. I love this record! Young Stefani just starting out! Thank you so much for sharing! ❤️
  5. Hopefully the paparazzi aren’t bothering her. It’s good to see she’s getting out. They deserve privacy though.
  6. Oh those insiders lol! There’s a few of them on Twitter. They get more and more clever each era! They keep bringing up the topic of promo. People claiming there’s an Apple Music show, another video, mini movie, champagne collab, Fortnite, and filmed performances. When would she have had the time to do all that with a pandemic? Also the Chromatica TV thing.... is there any truth to that? Where did that rumor even come from lol? It’s all so confusing and probably none of it true. Twitter likes to have fun. 🤡
  7. I’m so glad she’s okay! Thank you for confirming! I really hope eventually the era can resume when she feels it’s right of course. Or if she wants it to. I think we all miss her.
  8. I hear you all. I really miss Gaga too. The silence is concerning especially amidst all the Twitter rumors. I truly hope she’s okay health wise. I worry about that. So I hope the silence isn’t because of health issues. I am very grateful for everything Gaga’s been doing to help with Black Lives Matter and racial injustice. Gaga’s very good with sharing information and keeping the world educated. Giving her platform to Black Lives is truly amazing. If that’s the reason she’s been silent so long I totally understand. As this is very very important. In addition to health, my other concern is the negativity on Social Media. So many are doubting the era will ever resume and are going so far as to say Chromatica’s canceled. I truly hope that’s not true. It would be terribly sad if it is. Chromatica’s too good a record and concept to be ignored. I know most of the promo we’ve heard about is unconfirmed rumors so far. I know with COVID 19 we have to be understanding that promo most likely won’t be the same as past era’s at least not in 2020. I just hope Gaga won’t give up on it. Quite honestly speaking, even though we’ve been through a lot of terrible things, the world needs this era. I think it’s something that could bring people together again. (No negativity or disrespect intended as I love Gaga so much. Just hope everything’s okay)
  9. My guess is video vanguard award or the Urban Outfitters Chromatica merch that’s supposed to be coming soon.
  10. These are awesome! ❤️
  11. Hopefully! She definitely deserves nominations and to win.
  12. It’s Urban Outfitters collab? A Twitter insider said that’s what this is about. I don’t know how reliable those so called insiders are though lol. As we know, there are a lot of rumors going around on Twitter.
  13. I saw they’re going to try having the VMAs without an audience. Hopefully it stays that way and they still happen. I will always root for Gaga!
  14. My guess is the Vanguard Award, VMA performance, or VMA host.
  15. This is epic! Gaga would love them!
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