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  1. Dear Lady Gaga, Happiest birthday to you! Wishing you the most unforgettable and lovely day. May the angels watch over you and bring you peace on this special day and every day. First of all, I want to thank you for everything you have done to make our world a better, kinder place. You are a remarkable artist who went to great lengths and never gave up. You proved that hard work pays off and how it is important to be kind to each other and that is what makes me admire you. You are a real hero. I started listening to your music in 2012, when I was going through the hardest times in my life. I was a teen suffering from bullying with a constant fear to stay alone forever. It was awful not being able to come out of the closet just because I was born in homophobic country, and this made me think about terrible things I could do to myself… But, fortunately, this day has come. The day that changed my life forever. The day I saw your «Marry The Night» and «Born This Way» music videos. Suddenly these songs acquired special meaning for me and the lyrics really resonated with me. Since then, I took the path of bravery and acceptance of who I am. Now I know that when nobody is around, there is Lady Gaga who will always stand by my side and heal me with the music. Accepting myself helped me look at things from a different perspective and and discover hidden talents. Today I am working on my goal to become a filmmaker and helping Russian community in raising awareness of LGBTQ+ community by making documentaries. That is why I want to thank you for your endless support you are giving me and people from all over the world. It is invaluable, especially for those who can not receive this support from family and friends. But, mainly, thank you for your incredible work, for sharing with the world not only your talent but also your soul. The entire feeling you put in every word is priceless and unique. Your music is my (and not only mine) most important medicine when I feel bad. You are doing essential work. On the good days and on the hard days, please, remember that your Little Monsters are always there for you with the faithful support in everything you decide to do. I never got a chance to see you, but not a long time ago I bought a ticket to the Chromatica Ball in London. I hope everything will be fine by then and I finally meet the person whose music saved my life. Take care of yourself, keep staying strong, changing and saving this world ❤️. With all my inexpressible love, Sonya Twitter: @sofirodionova
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