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  1. strut it out, walk a mile, serve it ancient city style. talk it out, babble on, battle for your life babylon
  2. This "soon" is fake. Everyone knows Chromatica is coming soon so what'd be the point?
  3. 2 months of waiting for a fucking Remix??? I just can't believe it
  4. Hi, Gaga Firstly, happy birthday! I hope you're doing amazing and enjoying this more-than-special date. I'm Joรฃo Pedro (18) from Brazil and I was 7 when I met you and turned into a fan. You are an exceptional human being, and you heal people with your words, music and kindness. I'd like to share some examples with you so I can prove that. In 2011, I had my first episode of depression. As a 9-year-old child, I didn't know what was going on and I just wanted to die, but then โ€œThe Edge of Gloryโ€ played on the radio. I did not speak English at that time, but the energy of hope in that song helped me - alongside my family, friends and a doctor - on seeing the light again. You healed me once. Your speech in Russia, alongside โ€œBorn This Wayโ€, made me accept myself as a person with disability and non-straight guy. You healed me twice. And finally, you're showing me that kindness is the key of all forms of love. YOU HEAL ME EVERYDAY. I hope this letter warms your heart the same way your passion for art, people and life warms mine. Have a great day Love u forever, Joรฃo Pedro dos Reis Dias @jpeudias
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