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    1. the one and only pop collab that matters... BRITNEY
    2. i want the hardcover chromatica book.... i need it
    3. i still need to order the eyeliner!!
    4. just dance was playing on the tv and my mum was like have u seen this new girl and i was like oh yeah she alright. (i had heard just dance before once on the tv but not the whole thing) lol
    5. so many but honestly the one that came to my mind now... scheisse at Enigma... i love.
    6. I think album im between the fame monster/artpop but i love born this way too lol single stupid love. love the vibe
    7. sooooo happy she released another one. now i need the next one to be on the set of gaga x ariana collab
    8. this era needs to have a high budget video directed by jonas. wether it's the telephone sequel or just a brand new concept. BUT I NEED IT TO HAPPEN
    9. im so ready for the tracklist to be revealed akjefnsdvsd;vlsd
    10. the way i died when i saw it and i felt that butterflies in my tummy feeling :)))))))
    11. Grimes is everything.... if there is a gaga x grimes collab in any form on Chromatica then IT'S OVER. IT'LL BE FUTURISTIC HEAVEN