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    1. We are past the days that this fanbase had to pretend to be straight lol. I'm one of them
    2. I have so many fond memories. It really help me to be gay and happy hahaha
    3. I believe she will bring Applause of course, Venus is likely and maybe another one like Sexxxx Dreams
    4. ISo many to choose from...but marry the night at the BTWB was my fav moment as a stan
    5. Album shoot is ARTPOP. So clean. Single cover I'd say Stupid Love
    6. My classmates did a dance to Poker face. But I started following her until the VMAs
    7. I don't there will ever be one. I mean, no Beyonce no continuation But I delulu myself to hope for it anyway with every single album release
    8. I used to bop real hard to Stache Also Brooklyn Nights the ballad that never was
    9. I used to dream with the Florence collab. I'm happy with Hey Girl but I wish we could get something in the vein of hunger And Sia. Both of them would be a dream