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  1. Do we have something like this for ROM? EDIT: Sorry, by "this" I mean the ROM logo & tribe symbol!
  2. I really hope Gaga released a short film attached to the album, like what Beyonce did with Lemonade. Oh well, a gay can dream.
  3. it's hard to rank when everyone album is quality 💁‍♀️
  4. 1. ARTPOP (don't @ me) 2. TFM 3. ASIB 4. TF 5. BTW 6. Joanne
  5. Summerboy 1000000% I love Gypsy so much but I don't think it would've aged well, since there are people that consider the word derogatory.
  6. Those new lyrics are so good. I hope they're from whatever the next song we get is
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