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  1. I'd love if we could get it eventually just so we can close it out
  2. I'm still bitter about Boys, Boys, Boys being cut by the label
  3. BTW will forever stay special af to me. I'm so excited to see if LG6 can top that! Imagine
  4. A Born This Way length album would be the dream!
  5. I was thinking the same thing. Stupid Love has a similar release date to Born This Way (single), there's only a couple of weeks between them. Her last scheduled Enigma show is May 16th, and BTW (album) came out May 23rd. So, maybe mid/end of May! Or earlier, if we're lucky. I think it also depends on whether there'll be a second single before the album. Judas came out mid April.
  6. The first live performance is going to kill me
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