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  1. I was surprised I didn’t see the whole cast of Sesame Street though.
  2. Artpop- Aura, Venus, GUY (extra point for Sexxx Dreams)
  3. I think Babylon should’ve been the lead. Imagine, “battle for your life” during a pandemic? It’s fitting and people could relate. (Not being offensive, I just feel the lyrical content fits better right now than Stupid Love)
  4. The Fame: same The Fame Monster: Bad Romance Telephone Alejandro Monster Born This Way: Born This Way Scheiße The Edge of Glory Yoü & I ARTPOP: Applause Venus Sexxx Dreams Gypsy Joanne: A-YO Million Reasons Dancin’ In Circles Joanne
  5. Hi! I joined because I love being on a Gaga forum. Unfortunately, I was banned from GGD but I felt it was a vandetta because I was constantly warned from the same moderator and other users posted ruder comments. I like being part of a social community and figured I’d try this out. Im an Aquarius bloodtype AB
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