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  1. btw this is not best to worst it’s Amazing to not as amazing. But they’re all still amazing!! 1. Joanne 2. Born This Way 3. Artpop 4. The Fame Monster 5. The Fame (I love listening to Cheek to Cheek when I’m in the mood for it, but I don’t really count that as one of her main albums since it’s collaborative and isn’t her original music. Though, she has some AMAZING vocals on it.)
  2. I love Bad Romance at the Rainbow Room from Five Foot Two
  3. So Enigma is on break right now until April 30th, most likely because of LG6. I feel like this actually gives us a good timeframe of when to expect everything as she will most likely release the entire album before she returns, but I digress. Do you think that she will change Enigma at all after LG6 comes out. Like obv she will most likely add some songs at least, but do you think maybe more? Think about it, what if she performed Enigma at SSN as a way of recording the original version before changing it post-lg6 ok discuss
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