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    1. The Fame: Just Dance, Love Game, Paparazzi, Poker Face The Fame Monster: Bad Romance, Alejandro, Telephone, Monster Born This Way: Judas, Born This Way, Bloody Mary, Marry The Night Artpop: Applause, Aura, Gypsy, G.U.Y. Joanne: Perfect Illusion, Million Reasons, John Wayne, Diamond Heart,
    2. I dont want it to be delayed, either, but honestly we have Stupid Love and the certainty that LG6 is coming (that's more than what we had one month ago). I'm sure we will get a nice promo with crispy performances and maybe some more tour dates, when the virus-thing is over.
    3. hmmm... she was able to say one sentence about the tour...
    4. I found bundles in the UK-shop. They aren't at US or german shop. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ https://shopuk.ladygaga.com/
    5. Glaubt ihr sie addet noch mehr Tourtermine?
    6. I think she will add a extra "section" for the LG6 singles, because the aesthetics (i saw so far) from LG6 kinda fit into Enigma. She could change the whole show a bit (new outfits, new backdrops).
    7. But hey... we know Gaga. Probably there will be some unreleased stuff waiting to be leaked.
    8. I'm hoping for more songs, but I think it will have "only" 12. It's kinda random to predict the number of songs, but the scale theory makes atleast a bit sense to me. The last Haus Lab products are 12 aswell (maybe a hint, but most likely coincidence). And it's been 12 years since Just Dance blew up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I also have the feeling that recent albums are generelly shorter.
    9. Could be the album title. Maybe it's a concept album with 12 songs and each has a different key from the chromatic scale? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    10. In 2009 my sister brought The Fame and I listened to it a lot, but I tought she couldn't sing because of the autotune (how false I was ). Time went by and i liked the songs that poped on the radio (like Bad Romance, Alejandro, Applause), but didn't care that much. To be honest in germany she got a lot of negativ (stupid) comments by the media. This whole "she looks wierd and ugly" thing influenced my opinion in puberty, but looking back i'm like: "wtf?! wierd? ok, sometimes, but wierdness is nice. ugly?! oh hell NO. damn." Yeah, german media... Then Shallow was huge at radio and Gaga poped into my head again, but i didn't listen to her further. Finally one day in last october i randomly wanted to listen to her music. I watched Telephone, was blown away and became obsessed with her and a little monster. Damn, I'm literally mad at myself for missing 10 years of Gaga
    11. Straight, but i love Gaga in drag
    12. ARTPOP The Fame Monster Born This Way Joanne The Fame Cheek To Cheek
    13. With which artists could/should Gaga collaborate in the future? On LG6 for example. I would love a Sia feature: Both are great songwriters, with every different voices/sing-style, but have a simular ability to deliver emotions in there vocals. A ballad would be nice, but i see more potential in a upbeat-track with kinda "sad" lyrics (like for example perfect illusion). Maybe a wierd combination: Gaga feat. Slipknot. I mean Gaga likes Metal. I my mind is for example a heavier version of goverment hooker. + It could trigger these "everything is satanic"-people