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  1. So, here is my collection so far (Rain On Me picture disc is ordered)
  2. Hey, wasn't Gaga supposed to be on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon? I know she gave her spot for that anti-racism-activist Jane Elliott, but shouldn't she be on it later instead or am I wrong?
  3. I think every smart label should support and push their artist as far as possible. The more the artist is known, the more people have a chance to like the art, the more will be sold (or nowadays streamed) and the label will get its cut. For the label its always a cost-benefit calculation and sometimes the art will suffer (For example: the "Stupid Love - shot on iPhone" case). But I believe Interscope and Gaga have a solid relationsship, she has a pretty extensive artistic freedom (just think about the Artpop-era) and Interscope makes a lot of money.
  4. Hey, I ordered physical copies of Stupid Love in Gagas US-shop. I got an email with a shipping confirmation about 3 weeks ago and didn't arrived yet and I'm wondering, if this is a normal delivery time. (I live in Germany btw). So, did you get your one? (And where do you live?)
  5. I love the whole video, but my the best visual parts are imo the scenes were Gaga is in this pink "cyborg water tank" and were she has her natural hair in this shower-like thing haha hard to describe.
  6. Yeah, there are almost too many versions. Like 3 CDs, 4 Vinyls, 5 Cassettes. In a way I want to have all, but it's simply too expensive for me.
  7. I bought the Vinyl + Deluxe CD (Autographed) Bundle. I'm thinking about the cassettes.
  8. I dont see it in the uk store, can u send a link pls?
  9. I agree to all of you. These "fans" are so unappreciative. They want everthing done THEIR way. "Why is Chromatica postponed? I want it now! Why is the tour not where I live?" etc. I understand the disappointment, but this mindset is simply immature. Personally I'm waiting for her music too, but I understand that she don't want to "frustrate" anybody intentionally and there are more or less obvious reasons for what she's doing. I stan Gaga not only for her music. She is a wunderful human being and I'm share her values and everything she stands for. So when they spread hate on social media, they maybe are fans but for certain no little monsters.
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