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    1. Follow me on Twitter 🙂 ➡️ @ManuTwinkerbell

    2. Same. I have said goodbye to the thought or wish that new music is coming soon. Probably to protect myself and my psyche hahaha
    3. Well, nice to know! Thank you very much for the information. I personally won‘t believe anything (anymore) unless Gaga ore someone directly linked to her team is saying something...
    4. Can you please explain to me what this whole ”Mr. S“ thing is all about? Who is he and why is he considered to be a reliable source?
    5. Hope he can help out. When I click on the brush I can only change the coloures, when I click on the pen on the left I can only change my profile image and when I click on the pen on the right and I can only change my profile info. Btw I would‘ve like to add a screenshot here but not even this is working out... Is the site that buggy or is it my iPhone 11 Pro?
    6. 1. The Fame Monster 2. Born This Way 3. ARTPOP 4. The Fame 5. Joanne
    7. Well, I still cant find the option to change my header image 😞
    8. I still cant understand why you should stop selling such a successfull perfume...
    9. Hey there! I‘m new too Can someone please explain to me, how I can change my header? I can only change my profile image...
    10. I really cant wait any longer... Im afraid I become lackadaisical...