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    1. I need my 10th comment on this forum. Next find the password
    2. Anyone have the new password to access at The Door section ?
    3. Songs are too slow for me but it's great to hear Kesha
    4. Gypsy and Venus for ARTPOP Dancin' in circles for Joanne
    5. Nothing will happen. And even if that not verified, I assume this song is in ARTPOP.
    6. JWT seems to be one of the best Gaga's tour. Unfortunately she had to cancel shows in France.. so the best I that I lived is the ArtRAVE. My memories of BTWB are too fuzzy.
    7. It's complicated to choose one album. Each album has its ideas which touches us all at different times. I prefer rank album: That's difficult, I think I'd have to rank them rather than choose a favourite 1. Born This Way 2. ARTPOP 3.Joanne 4. The Fame Monster 5. The Fame 6. Cheek To Cheek