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  1. I agree, nicola is doing the same as before (and back then his work was new and exciting! Now its just cheap and easy!).. And I really wanted it to be good! Sorry i know you guys love him.. But here is the thing, LG literally puts her life and soul in her creative work!!, but I feel like he's just doing 'another job' on autopilot.. And that hurts me! LG deserves much more
  2. Ok got it <3 Though when you say he also does haus labs.. to be very honest, I don't find the HL aesthetic super inspiring. It looks all a bit dated.. So if he is involved in lg6 i sure hope he will do something AMAZING! love
  3. I wondered why he was suddenly back in her team.. This might have to do with it? https://www.fastcompany.com/90172482/kamarq-the-netflix-for-furniture-pulls-designs-in-plagiarism-scandal
  4. Leaks always happen on a lower level, like assistant producers or asst sound engineers that have access to the recordings (and not a big job to lose).. I dont think it could be her team. They have no reason!
  5. Me toooo! And I need the video! I really really really want that to be good! A creative mind-blowing explosion! And most important something NEW!!
  6. It happens all the time. I think its like an assistant producer or studio engineer or something.. And sure, I don't think Lg-team are happy it, but i dont think they care too much either. Its free publicity for the coming album, and it not like they lose money on a few streams (in fact might get streamed more once official released!)
  7. Agree! Hauslabs will do parfum again in the future, don't you think? Or maybe it just didnt work with her strategy for labs?
  8. Telephone? And what collabs can we expect on the new album?
  9. FAME MONSTERRRR!!! And then Joanne for sure.
  10. I'm a hairstylist as well. I do fashion shoots and I teach
  11. Its really sad about the leaks.. Tho I did see them :) Or at least i think i did, as it looked like 2010 again! What is going on... I really hope it will be more inspiring than that! I'm just worried we are going to get a boring hauslabs-like music video? What do you think?
  12. Cant WAIT! Will lg6 start next month? I hope it will be. Bored of 2010's i want to see what 2020 looks like
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