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    1. Mein deutsch ist nicht gut, aber wohne ich hier in Deutschland! =P
    2. This one was clear that she didn't care 1%. It was shameless.
    3. To have "to be continued" at end, doesn't really mean it has to have a continuation. It made Telephone timeless and iconic. Besides I doubt that Beyonce and Gaga would collaborate again in such kind of pop song, but it doesn't mean that Gaga needs her to make a continuation, and if would exist a continuation, I doubt that Beyonce would be in it.
    4. BTWBT was something supreme, nothing to discuss. TMBT and JWT was at the same level for me, amazing. The others I prefer not to comment.
    5. You have very high expectations! I wish the same!
    6. DJ White Shadow RedOne Fernando Garibay ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    7. This is not possible, it all depends on the acceptance of the songs. It they release a promo single and it becomes very popular, it becomes official single. Look at TEOG, DWUW... it unavoidable.