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  1. I would’ve said we should try a streaming party, but... I wasn’t sure either
  2. I can’t choose but no doubt Chromatica makes me want to dance my insecurities away 😌😌😌
  3. THAT SONG IS AMAZING! I know this one is my jam since the I heard the intro 💖😭
  4. I’m not disappointed at all. I mean 3:02 is good enough. gotta appreciate what gaga serves, right? 🙆🏻‍♀️
  5. They aren't. It took a lot of time to make a good formula and to match at least (I'm sorry if this offending,) common skin color. so I think Gaga and her team are going through a lot of testing to create a good formula since so far, none of HL products are disappointing
  6. I can't pick one, but ARTPOP is my go-to music. recently I've been listening Joanne on repeat, and when I need something to lull myself to sleep, Cheek to Cheek is on.
  7. I stumbled upon Gaga's Just Dance in late 2008, I guess when I'm on 4th or 5th grade. and my love only grows stronger each passing year 🥰
  8. there's something inside me that tells me LG6 era will start next month. Stupid Love will be a single, but not a lead. I think this will be something extremely fun. this gonna be BTW 2.0 but in a more cheerful way
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