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    1. Jeg håber, at rygtet om at hun tager på en turné senere på året er sandt. Mange shows blev aflyst to gange, inklusiv mit.
    2. Det var ment som en joke, eftersom der er så mange, der ikke kan kende forskel på sprogene, haha.
    3. Folk bliver så forvirrede når de åbner den her tråd, og ser, at der bliver snakket på tre forskellige sprog.
    4. Thank you! Probably the thing I was missing the most.
    5. It's never coming. Pre-order Monster Matte Lip Crayon.
    6. Are they still working on it, or are they avoiding a possible shitstorm caused by not having enough shades? Thoughts?
    7. Yes! I bought six bottles, when I found out it was discontinued.
    8. Excited for this. Can you reveal where they are from?
    9. I only attended the ARTPOP ball and the Cheek to Cheek Tour, but I'd say the Monster Ball. Born This Way Ball and Joanne World Tour had the best visuals though.
    10. Joanne, Dope, Grigio Girls, Shallow and I'll Never Love Again.
    11. It's far from authentic though. https://www.wmagazine.com/story/gianni-versace-family-statement-american-crime-story/
    12. As long as it's not as horrible as Ryan Murphy's Assassination of Gianni Versace.