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  1. this doesn’t justify. Anyone can make a rumor about it. people want likes, and we are silly to believe
  2. all the dates said here or anywhere are just rumors... so don't be upset with Gaga for something she never said.
  3. in ARTPOP we hear + the instrumental than Gaga's voice, will we have a rereading?
  4. I love “Swine”, especially the lives, but the album version
  5. gente, desculpe minha ignorância mas qual é desse “enigma”que tem no fórum, e como participo disso?
  6. for me, all Born This Way performances are iconic, hair, clothes, choreography. creativity in the heights
  7. Stupid Love has been on the internet since last year
  8. it's very strange everything related to LG6 = Stupid Love... this song that was leaked is a BTW Demo
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