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    1. I wish I would have stanned sooner! I went to JWT and Enigma, and both were great! But I would give anything to see all of her live shows!
    2. My favorite song about dementia. ❤️😂
    3. She definitely had the greatest Super Bowl performance! I came across the concepts a hot minute ago, and those looked like they would have been awesome too. I just wish she would have performed something from ARTPOP; however, I was more than pleased with the show! Also the VMA’s Applause performance was spectacular! Tying back to my previous statement, the original concept sounded interesting too. I would have loved seeing it come to life!
    4. Bougie-bougie! These look great!
    5. Album: ARTPOP! It completely encapsulates Gaga at her magnum opus Single: All the Venus concept shots!
    6. And last year I wound up taking my grandma to see her very first Gaga show! She had a blast!
    7. My grandma actually liked her before me! It wasn’t until I saw all of the Applause parodies YouTubers were making to actually listen to her music and become a Little Monster!
    8. I am here posting to post because the door seems like a lovely place to stay. I hope the rent payment isn’t too much.
    9. Telephone was the savory snacc of 2009. Probably my favorite collab, but the fan-made Jewels n’ Drugs featuring Iggy, Nicki, and Ke$ha slapped like wind on my grandma’s arms. I’d like to see her do something with Sia, Marina, Nate Reuss, Brendon Urie, or Harry Styles in the future!
    10. I can easily see LG6 taking a video game aesthetic after seeing this leak. If they did some sort of progression with the plot of Enigma, that would be neato burrito.
    11. LG6 = The Riddler confirmedT. Why a gourmet day
    12. I think MANiCURE would have been a very delicious appetizer for the ARTPOP Era. But I also agree that Gypsy would have been tasty!
    13. WhomsTever this male is, I declare that he is QUITE gourmet