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    1. Ready for the Chromatica Ball with my GC EE for PARIS ! it will be magical ! just imagine the stadium singing shallow and new songs
    2. She will just add some songs like one or two but the rest will be for the CHROMATICA BALL Tour for sure
    3. The Fame -Just dance - Poker Face - LoveGame - Paparazzi The Fame Monster - Bad Romance - Telephone - Dance in The Dark/Monster - Alejandro Born This Way - Marry The Night - Born This Way - Scheisse - Government Hooker ARTPOP - Aura - VENUS - Do what u want - Applause Joanne - Diamond Heart - John Wayne - Dancin' in Circles - perfect illusion
    4. CHROMATICA will have a great promo without a doubt. She can release it on Itunes on 10th april.
    5. is it true ??? I Just can't waiiiit