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  1. I don't understand why they keep making the album cover shirt so dark and faded. It doesn't work for this cover. The album cover is vibrant and detailed, the faded vintage look doesn't work for it
  2. Well you can always name them after haus symbols (kindness punks, junkyard scavengers, etc.) to stick with the haus theme. or by other tracks of Chromatica (Alice, Plastic Doll, etc.) but since the brand is called Haus of Enigma you could stick to the Engima theme and name them after Engima lyrics. Shade: Woman Phantom, Shade: We Could Be Lovers, Shade: We Could Be Jokers, Shade: Dragon's Eyes, Shade: Goddess Breathing, Shade: Virtual, Shade: Stigma. IDK just initial thoughts
  3. Thank you 💕 If anyone would be interested in ordering this shirt, please let me know
  4. Thank you so much for your kindness and support 🥰
  5. Cherry Lips Liptints? Serving some Plastic Doll lyrics? May already be a thing but
  6. It was so nice sharing my and my friend Fitz Wu's Stupid Love illustration with you all last month and you were all so kind and supportive! So I'm excited to share our new Chromatica illustration with you all! Chromatica Illustration By Jay Elizondo (me) and Fitz Wu Detail Detail Detail Detail Detail Chromatica Illustration (Version 1) By Jay Elizondo (me) and Fitz Wu I also made a merch concept and would love to know if anyone would be interested in ordering merch if I found a merchant? Front: Back: Thank you for letting me share this with you!
  7. Stupid Love Illustration (Version 1) By Jay Elizondo (me) and Fitz Wu Stupid Love Illustration (Version 2) By Jay Elizondo (me) and Fitz Wu Detail Detail Detail Detail (spot the tribe symbols on the locks) Chromatica album cover coming soon!
  8. That would be super cute honestly, but I think the fans will eat her alive if she makes us wait until the 28th
  9. She revealed the track list for Joanne on Sep. 23rd, two weeks after PI premiered and a week after she revealed the album cover. She reveled the track list for ARTPOP on Oct. 9th, which is very long after Applause premiered but it was released early due to a "Pop Music Emergency" for it leaking. She revealed the album cover for BTW on Apr. 16th, the day after Judas. So all this being said, she doesn't really follow a formula across eras so it's really up in the air
  10. I don't think she will. She knows the fans are thirsty for it but she also hates the Telephone video and I don't think she'd continue it without Beyonce with another pop star. If anything, she continue for a solo like Paparazzi since that was Telephone's former.
  11. She released PI Sep. 9 and the Joanne album cover Sep. 15 so we should be due any second for the album cover and track list reveal. As far as a new single, she usually releases the next promo single about a month after the lead. PI - Sep. 9, MR - Oct. 6 Applause - Aug. 12 (early release), DWUW - Oct. 21
  12. Will always have a sweet spot for her acoustic version of Telephone at the Brit Awards 2010 Hello, Hello...
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