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    1. That would be super cute honestly, but I think the fans will eat her alive if she makes us wait until the 28th
    2. She revealed the track list for Joanne on Sep. 23rd, two weeks after PI premiered and a week after she revealed the album cover. She reveled the track list for ARTPOP on Oct. 9th, which is very long after Applause premiered but it was released early due to a "Pop Music Emergency" for it leaking. She revealed the album cover for BTW on Apr. 16th, the day after Judas. So all this being said, she doesn't really follow a formula across eras so it's really up in the air
    3. I don't think she will. She knows the fans are thirsty for it but she also hates the Telephone video and I don't think she'd continue it without Beyonce with another pop star. If anything, she continue for a solo like Paparazzi since that was Telephone's former.
    4. She released PI Sep. 9 and the Joanne album cover Sep. 15 so we should be due any second for the album cover and track list reveal. As far as a new single, she usually releases the next promo single about a month after the lead. PI - Sep. 9, MR - Oct. 6 Applause - Aug. 12 (early release), DWUW - Oct. 21
    5. Will always have a sweet spot for her acoustic version of Telephone at the Brit Awards 2010 Hello, Hello...
    6. Everyone is expecting her to keep the entire era within these images but this serve was constructed of a full ass team and is mostly CGI. Not every visual she will produce for this era will be to this caliber. Let's hope there's not added pressure for her to perform at this level throughout the entire era
    7. Applause always, maybe, maybe Venus and Gypsy but I don't any others. G.U.Y. was a "single" but I doubt she'd perform it. I could only see her truly performing Applause. Another ? is what songs from Joanne? Like obviously MR and maybe PI but I can't imagine any others fitting with this era sonically. John Wayne?
    8. It's such a toss up between TFM and BTW. ARTPOP for me was very simple for how she described the albums visual before and the album cover vs the photoshoot she did with Koons. TFM had not only beautiful images and color correcting but the art direction and fashion was breathtaking. Of course BTW is no different, but the images had less variety than TFM but maybe that's just because we have more so they start to look similar
    9. Just Dance played at my middle school dance and me and all my friends had never heard it before and hated it. Then I heard Paper Gangster and was hooked
    10. Besides the obvious ones (Brooklyn Nights, Out of Control, Nothing on...) I'm obsessed with Trigger
    11. I'd love her to collab with performers with more experimental vocals like Grimes or FKA Twigs.
    12. Princess Die still makes me cry almost 7 years later