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    1. On dit pain au chocolat bande de débiles
    2. For new people entering : the answer is Mark Type the password here : https://ladygaganow.co/forums/12-the-door/
    3. Less than 2 minutes left. Goodbye everyone it'll be YOUR fault you selfish monsters
    4. I'm killing myself in 5 minutes if I don't have the answer. Now do your job to save a life.
    5. This riddle doesn't mean a thing like we're supposed to find the eye behind artpop but the eye isn't a person and it's not the camera and it's not the gazing ball lol wtf can it be
    6. We know it's the gazing ball but it doesn't work so stop now that's not a hint
    7. Is it capital letters ? How many words ? First letter ? The whole password ??? Help me
    8. Just tell us please I can't anymore