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    1. I hope she spaces out the dates for her health.
    2. I have a soft spot for The Fame Ball blonde bob. Also really love her in grey and Black (even if this isn’t a wig lol)
    3. It’s trendy now to announce only a few days before release day. I’m betting she’ll announce it 2 days before.
    4. What are the odds for a Wednesday release?
    5. I just want her to have another epic concert film like the HBO special. It’s been too long
    6. I remember when she announced BTW on Jan 1st 2011 and we all thought “Late MAY??!” and she went on interviews being like “it’s really not that far away” like ma'am
    7. TEOG or Bad Romance, depends on my mood. I consider those her best 2 songs with You and I as a close third.
    8. It will be hard because many academy members don’t like to vote for singer in acting categories. They think they should “stay in their lane” I just want her to be in acclaimed films.
    9. Remember when it was widely thought the album would be called Gaga or Lady Gaga? Why did everyone collectively stop thinking that? I’d rather have that than Game Over
    10. Music Videos Zane Lowe Beats 1 Howard Stern Saturday Night Live Billboard Awards Glastonbury VMAs
    11. For me the best, Outfits - Monster Ball Set List - Born This Way Ball Staging/Lights/Effects - Joanne World Tour