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    1. I'm almost sure the eye behind ARTPOP is the Gazing Ball. But Inez&Vinoodh... idk im lost
    2. i am as dumb as someone can get. IM SORRY. lol
    3. Gazing Ball - the "eye" behind the ARTPOP text in the album cover by Jeff Koons. Inez & Vinoodh - directed the Applause music video. Are Dutch and are a fashion photographer duo. Tomorrow - February 11th. The 42nd day of the year. 323 days remaining til the end of the year. That's all I'm thinking guys. Team work.
    4. If she's planning on touring AND keeping up with the Enigma Residency I just hope she remains healthy because that sounds like a lot...
    5. Bringing an entire castle stage structure to almost 100 cities... like... how do u top that?
    6. IF they actually do this, her marketing team is really stepping up their game.
    7. How are we feeling about the Stupid Love release date? Feb. 14, 20 or 21?
    8. This is like the hardest thing to do. To pick ONE song. But I have to go with the iconic society changer:
    9. Idk, the Applause single cover was so iconic to me. It's striking
    10. can i spam the comment section and maybe ?
    11. GOSH i think i know this one but i do not have enough posts to enter the door, im new :(