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    1. When will the final hint be revealed?
    2. Does anyone know where the door will appear?
    3. I'm pretty sure the code from yesterday was shown with no problem. It was just a bunch of numbers from her music video.
    4. I thought the first answer was already given yesterday with the long set of numbers.
    5. I had thought valentines day but now I'm thinking 3rd week around the 20th.
    6. She is very talented in many ways, so I wouldn't be surprised if she did!
    7. I honestly just hope she is happy and finds what she is looking for.
    8. I’m trying to understand what the big deal with telling us the answer is. We aren’t winning anything lol
    9. Does the place to unlock code just appear after 15 posts to the forum?
    10. I wonder if Gaga reads this stuff. If I were her, I would be rolling on the floor laughing at the clowns trying to solve a riddle like we are about to make some major prize money 🤣🤣🤣
    11. Tell us if you figure it out! This is distracting me from work but it’s so intriguing lol
    12. I still don’t know what the password was! I just want to see if I had any right guesses. I never got to 15 posts to try.
    13. I think stupid love was a song she originally planned to release as a single, but I know she is creative and will do the opposite of what everyone wants her to do. She can write songs in 10 minutes, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she writes a song in place of it and releases it later on when nobody expects it. She deserves better than people taking away her right to release what she wants when she wants like the world owns her. If she wanted to never produce another song nobody could make her, but she wouldn’t live her dream doing what she loves.
    14. I don’t play fort nite but the character of her looks cool!