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    1. I think she kind of owes it to her European fans if she goes on tour to start there first, they all kinda get the short end of the stick in a few different eras
    2. She’s being doing a lot with the anime stuff recently too, and never forget hatsune miku from ARTRAVE so it’s all possibilities that she’s like doing some kind of cartoon ish like anime phase and I’d be here for it
    3. I don’t think it’ll be until March honestly unless more leaks happen but idk anymore the dots are getting too hard to connect
    4. I much much more want her to start getting her broadway chops together and star in a show out here, but I think her fame level is just to high to ever be on a broadway stage right now. Too many people would be outside the theatre every day etc. and I think that would stop her from doing it
    5. I was just actually reading how many people went virtually to marshmellows concert thing he did on there and actually for her it would be a smartttt marketing campaign
    6. It has to be the Venus wig or the black cheek to cheek Afro for sure from me
    7. I have watched episode 41 now like 3 times trying to figure out what the password could be and idk if I’m wrong but I can’t figure it out at all
    8. This whole idea gives me so much FarmVille BTW era vibes and I don’t like it XD
    9. I’m still convinced that these aren’t leaks and they are all intentional. It’s like Beyoncé and how she really change the game but just dropping Lemonade, and nothing was ever the same. When things “leak” we lose our shit, and if they take control of the leaks, which have happened so much in her career rather than wait for them to happen, then she’s in control and her team calls the shots. Why else has there been nothing said at all about stupid love etc. it has to be a strategy and I think it’s a damn smart one.
    10. I think all of the responses here are valid but literally nothing will ever top the 2009 VMAs, even if she did something more iconic, it wouldn’t be as iconic, if that makes any sense.
    11. Venus or Aura. They would have slayed the radio. More recently though The Cure. Idk how many people have come up to me and told me how much they love that song. Big mad it wasn’t on the radio/got a video/press it should have.
    12. I never got to see the BTWB it was the only one I never got to go to. I won that Skype contest to be their reporter and go backstage and all that stuff and then my show cancelled 5 days before. I found out when she tweeted in my car and literally cried I was devastated. But Ticketmaster/Skype wound up giving me a $500 gift card since I won that contest as a backup prize so that was Gucci.