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    1. Hoping with all my heart that it wouldn't leak and also that mother monster decides to feed us with 2nd/promo single
    2. Definitely GRAMMY performance. When she steps down from the stairs singing "survive" it really hit everyone
    3. I think this is planned. He's just playing dumb. Gaga must've agreed to this perhaps she's just teasing the single? How could he not know it's ridiculous.
    4. I'm so tired of waiting. I've made a post on facebook predicting her single coming in a month for 3 fucking times now and I'm now the biggest of CLOWNS.
    5. He defo is my dream guy so I'm glad he our new dad!! Harvard math can you imagine... and considering how hot he is I guess I'll have to apply next year
    6. The Fame So Happy I Could Die Heavy Metal Lover Gypsy Diamond Heart Is That Alright?
    7. Felt like being in one a few months ago bc I was in the right mindset. but nothing happened other than a few one night stands. Now just too busy 😞
    8. Definitely Dope. That song literally saved my life. I still vividly remember listening to it over and over for an entire sleepless night in high school.
    9. Actually my fav is Imagine at the European Games opening. It's simply just flawless!!
    10. omg I almost got it I tried 6277! but congrats well done!!!!
    11. I wish there were more Artpop... Enigma sounds like a concept that could fit a lot of artpop into but she didn't..
    12. is everybody watching gaga vision 39 too lol