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    1. Yes pleaseee bc my JWT show was cancelled and I was heartbroken
    2. Gaga, Taylor, Beyoncé & Dua Lipa
    3. Difficult to find a HQ vid but Paparazzi on SNL in 2009 So simple but so good and it's cool to see the beginnings of the Bad Romance choreo
    4. We've waited long enough for LG6 just open the door, we don't need any more clownery lol
    5. I really hope she does tour because as a UK fan I'm starting to feel like I'll never be able to see her again until I've got the funds to go to Vegas lol I know Enigma is best for her fibromyalgia and everything tho soooo I'll get it if she doesn't do a full world tour
    6. BTWB is my forever favourite just for the nostalgia of it I had tickets to see the Joanne Tour but she cancelled my show wish I'd been able to see it tho because it seemed like so much fun
    7. I loved that Bill Clinton show so much as a UK fan it was nice being able to see Enigma in HD but I'd love more of those one-off concerts that shake things up a bit
    8. 10 years into her career and all her material is still leaking if the other A list pop girls can keep their projects under wraps then Gaga can too. I'd love to see the discussions between Gaga and her team rn because something has gone terribly wrong lol